Juvenile Pile: Library Love and a New Series!

We have been reading a lot. Christopher is supposed to be reading 10 minutes per night for school, but because he gets books sent home by the teacher, and we read at bedtime, the minutes are adding up. Luckily, we found a great book series thanks to my sister. (Sadly, it’s not pictured below.)

We’ve been flying through library books. I read a bunch of extra books at bedtime to shorten our pile and because I’m vetting Halloween books for a round up post coming this week. Also, Jim was out of town for 2 weeks (he comes home tonight…yay!), so I did a lot of bedtimes.

Here’s what we’ve been reading…

I read about The Block Mess Monster on Literacious back in July, and I finally got it from the library. I asked Christopher if he knew about the Loch Ness Monster. He didn’t, so the title was lost on him. I liked it though.

This book is cute. The little girl cannot clean up her room because there is a monster. The Block Mess Monster. But her mother doesn’t believe her. She has a bit of an attitude at the beginning, but the ending is really cute. (Christopher didn’t like this one as much.)

4 stars

They All Saw a Cat is everywhere right now. I didn’t exactly know what it was about, but I’d seen one of the pictures. I was expecting it all to be like the depth perception pictures you see at the eye doctor’s office. Sadly, only one page was like that.

This is a book about perspective. We see how all different animals perceive the cat. It’s actually pretty cool. Christopher read this one.

4 stars

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn is another new book that everyone is talking about. It’s geared more towards ages 2-4. It shows a little girl walking around with her dog, saying hello to all of the things about autumn (which I had to explain is the same as fall). It’s a cute book about changing seasons. I read this one, and I was disappointed that it was so simplistic. That’s nothing against the book. It just wasn’t right for us.

3 stars

When a Dragon Moves In is absolutely adorable! I love books about pretend play, and this one is perfect. A little boy is at the beach with his family, and he builds an amazing sandcastle. And then…a dragon moves in. He plays with the dragon and says stuff to his family about him, but they don’t believe him.

I love that the mom is laying on her towel reading. That’s what I always do at the beach while Jim builds sandcastles and Christopher plays in the sand/water. We need to read this one again with Jim. He’ll love it.

5 stars

OMG. I wish I had a recording of Christopher reading Pirasaurs! He sang almost the whole thing. Even when he struggled with words, he’d re-read the phrase in his sing-song voice. It was so sweet. I tried not to smile while he was reading because I didn’t want him to stop. (He’s sensitive when he thinks I’m laughing at him.)

This book is fun. It’s about a dinosaur pirate and his life aboard a pirate ship. It is a challenging read, and Christopher did get a little frustrated by the end. Lots of pirate terms.

4 stars

I really enjoyed Bryan Smith’s What Were You Thinking? and My Day Is Ruined, so I decided I should actually buy a couple of his other books from Amazon. We got If Winning Isn’t Everything, Why Do I Hate To Lose? last week, and Christopher was very excited to read it. He also loves these books.

This book is about good sportsmanship, which is something Christopher struggles with. It’s very wordy, so it’s meant for older kids: ages 6-10, but the message is great. Once again there’s simple 3 step process to check your behavior.

5 stars

I was expecting Quit Calling Me a Monster! to be a funny read. And it is. The monster doesn’t like being called a monster, and he yells a lot. It’s a fun read aloud.

But there’s also a great message in this book. Calling people names they don’t want to be called is insensitive, even when those names are “true.” I saw a lot of racial relations applications of this story. I didn’t really go into that with Christopher, but this book could be applied in schools for lessons about understanding others and being respectful of what people want to be called.

4 stars

Who Would Win? Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark was the second book in this series that we read. Christopher was sure the Killer Whale would win. I bet on the Great White Shark. After running through a lot of facts about the two animals, in very absorbable fashion, there is a fight. Christopher called it! The Killer Whale won with almost no contest. I was shocked.

We really enjoyed this book. This whole series is so interesting. I’ve already reserved a few more from the library. Non-fiction that is this fun to read is a rare find, so I want to take advantage of his interest.

5 stars

And now for our new series discovery!

The Mighty Robot was recommended to me by my twin sister. He son, Andy (age 5), loves them, and she thought Christopher would like them too. She was right! He loves them. And so do I. Jim read this first book to him all in one night, and I was shocked. Then Christopher read the whole thing to me the next night. It took him less than 19 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t stop. A book that had him that interested in reading made me go onto the library website and reserve the rest of the series right away.

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot (Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot #1) is about a small mouse who ends up with a giant robot for a friend. There’s a villain, Dr. Stinky McNasty – how fun is that name! And of course, Ricky and the Mighty Robot save the day.

This book is written by Dav Pilkey and illustrated by Dan Santat. I don’t know how I’d never heard of this series since I really like both of them. There are pictures on every page, and some comic strip sections and flip-o-ramas (like in Captain Underpants and Dog Man).

5 stars

Christopher breezed through the second book, Ricky Ricotta’s Might Robot and the Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury, in one night as well. I think I liked this book even more for two reasons. It was so cute hearing Christopher say “mutant mosquitoes” over and over again. And this book has math! The math teacher won’t let Ricky leave to fight the invaders from Mercury until he finishes his math test. (Christopher’s response to that = “Are you kidding me?” I loved that he could react this quickly while reading. His comprehension is so good.) Anyway…Ricky talks through his math problems and the robot helps him with visuals, using cars. It’s pretty fun.

This series is perfect for readers at 2nd grade level.

5 stars

What did your kids read this week? Have they read Mighty Robot?

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