2016 Resolution Check-In

Back in January I made some resolutions for 2016 thanks to a prompt for Top Ten Tuesday. Now that we’re in the 4th quarter of 2016, I thought I should take a look at my goals and see how I’m doing.

Reading Goals

1. Complete My Personal Reading Challenges

Last December I decided I wanted to do two reading challenges for 2016. I was going to re-read 12 old favorites from my bookshelf, and I wanted to try 12 new authors.

Old Favorites: I only read 2 of the 12 books I selected. I’ve given up on this challenge. Re-reading is hard for me unless I’m listening to an audiobook. I have a hard time focusing when I already know the story, even if it’s a story I love. I’d rather being reading new books, and that’s OK. I’m alright with failing this personal challenge. I wanted to do it, so I could give the books away without feeling bad that I hadn’t read them recently. Now I know that I don’t really want them, so I’m going to give them away. See #4 below.

New Authors: I was doing really well with this challenge. I read a new author per month for the first half of the year, and then my reading schedule got crazy! I joined another book club, and I got a ton of ARCs at BEA (see #2 and #6 below). I loved 3 of the 6 new authors, and I do still want to try the others. I just don’t know that I’ll get to them in 2016, and I’m mostly OK with that.

2. Read More ARCs

I may have gotten a little carried away here. I’ve reviewed 22 adult/YA books and 16 children’s books on NetGalley so far this year, and I have 23 books sitting on my shelf to read and review. I also came back from BEA with 72 books (mostly ARCs). I’ve reviewed 25 of them here on Mom’s Radius and a handful more over on Opinionated Book Lover. Not to mention other ARCs I’ve been sent by publishers – solicited and unsolicited. I think I accomplished this goal!

3. Participate in Reading Together Book Club

I did OK with this goal. Christopher and I read the Arctic picture book together back in February, and we read the Australian picture book in July. I’ve been a co-host for September and October, so I read all 3 books (picture, middle grade, and YA) and blogged about them and let discussions on Facebook. Hootsuite helped tremendously here. I am calling this one done as well. (I will still participate in November/December by at least reading the picture book with Christopher.)

4. Use a Little Free Library

I haven’t used a Little Free Library yet, but I found a couple in my neighborhood, and I am going to drop off some of my ARCs as soon as I verify that I’ve emailed all my review links to the publishers. I am also going to use them as a marketing opportunity for my blogs by printing stickers with my blog logo, URL, tagline, and description and putting them inside the front covers. I figure it can’t hurt to have that information in there as the books are passed from person to person.

Blogging Goals

5. Carve Out Regular Time to Write

I have still not managed to find regular writing time. I squeeze it in wherever I can. Lately I have been building the shell of all of my posts for the month for Opinionated Book Lover in one sitting because finding the images, etc. can take the longest sometimes. I had always been planning out my blog posts well in advance, but now I’ve made it a little easier to write true content when I find the time. I need to get a little more organized with Mom’s Radius, although it’s not as challenging since I don’t have feature images for all of the posts on this blog.

6. Attend BEA

Done! I went, and it was amazing. Read more in my recap post and my most anticipated BEA books post. I don’t know that I’ll make it to NYC in 2017, but I sure would love to go again.

7. Learn SEO

I took an SEO course online through Gale Courses offered free through my public library. It was pretty helpful, but I didn’t implement everything I learned. I also took a Google Analytics course that wasn’t quite as good. I am doing better with SEO on Opinionated Book Lover because of the Yoast SEO plug-in. I would really like to move Mom’s Radius over to WordPress. I like that platform a lot better.

Personal Goals

8. Get in Shape

I was doing better with going to the gym before work thanks to my mommy friends, but I sort of feel off the bandwagon over the summer. The Whole 30 has helped me lose some weight, so now I need to get back to the gym regularly. I’ll keep working on this goal.

9. Be a More Fun Mom

I am failing at this goal big time. Even while Jim is away for work, I haven’t been that fun. I’m shuttling him around to organized activities (i.e. baseball, soccer) or taking him places that he loves (i.e. trampoline park), but I’m not really participating with him. I would still like to improve in this area. We need to find something that he and I both enjoy.

10. Travel to One New Place

This hasn’t happened yet. We were going to do the Savage Race in a different location, but due to costs and scheduling, it just worked out better to go to the one near my sister’s house. I really wanted to go to Oregon just for fun, but I didn’t get it together and plan it well enough. And now with my new job (which pays a lot less), this goal has become less important to me. I am still hoping we might go somewhere over Christmas break – maybe Atlanta. But I’d be OK if it doesn’t happen this year.

Did you set goals for 2016? How are you doing?

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