Month in Review: August 2016

August went by pretty quickly. As much as I tried to avoid thinking about back to school, I couldn’t stop Christopher’s excitement. We got swept up in school supply shopping, labeling, and Home & School (parent teacher organization) stuff.

Books / Book Clubs
– I finished 16 books (7 paper, 5 Kindle, 4 audio) – including 2 re-reads (Harry Potter #5 & #6)
– My moms book club ended up just being one friend and me, but we still had a great time. We’ll be reading again in September for our next meeting in October.
– Our family book club had 2 new members, but some confusion about book titles because we swapped books in July and August. We still had a fun meeting and discussed both I Am Malala (which I never read) and The Art of Being Normal.
– My YA book club met at P.F. Chang’s again – one of my favorite spots, and we briefly talked about Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between and spent more time discussing our lives.
– I participated in ARC August, and I ended up reading 8 ARCS – although only 2 of them were on the original list I planned. Oh well. It still counts, right?

– I finally launched Opinionated Book Lover last Friday! As I explained before, I’ll be posting all of my YA and adult book reviews on that site going forward.

– I went to the gym only once in August. Once! Yikes. Part of it was just laziness. Part of it was that we were busy on Saturday mornings.
– I’ll be doing Whole 30 for September. I’m hoping that will help with my energy levels. And we’ll be home every weekend, so I should only miss kickboxing once for Christopher’s soccer game.

– We visited Jim’s parents up north mid-month. We had a fun time – swimming in the lake, playing with their dog (Christopher), and fishing (everyone but me).

Grandma & Christopher

Jim & Christopher fishing

– Christopher and I went to visit my parents and brother at the end of the month. Christopher got a lot of good cousin time, and I enjoyed hanging out with my mom.

Grandpa & Christopher

Christopher, Spencer, & Connor (sitting)

– Christopher and I watched a lot of Olympics – swimming and girls gymnastics mostly.
– We were supposed to go camping a couple of weeks ago, but we canceled it because of the rain. It was going to be our first camping trip without friends or family, so we decided to have a staycation instead. We made a list of all of the things we wanted to do during the weekend.

Staycation List

We managed to hit most of them. Saturday was a great day for all of us. Sunday was very trying. We started with mini golf, which hardly ever goes well with Christopher. He’s too competitive and too much younger than us to actually beat us. We didn’t even keep score, and it was still a nightmare.

Jim & Christopher on our hike

– Jim spent a lot of time working on Christopher’s soap box derby car for the community race in early September. Christopher is very excited about racing, but wasn’t very helpful with the building. We’re hoping he gets more into painting the car this weekend.

Soap Box Derby car in progress

– Christopher started soccer. So far it’s just practice, but he had a more experience mom as his coach this year, so he’s learning some great skills!
– My Home & School board team made some changes to how we handled Forms & Photos day for back to school. I talked to a lot of new families, and we’re really excited about the start of the school year.

Carine (president), me (VP), Beth (treasurer), Jayme (secretary)

– Christopher got the teacher we wanted, and he was very anxious all month for school to start. He and I had fun shopping for school supplies. We went to 4 stores, and we only need 11 things. It was a little insane!

September means back to school (which started yesterday) and Whole 30 – no carb, no sugar, no soy, no peanut, crazy – eating for me.

How was August for you? What are you doing in September? Did your kids start school today?

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    1. Thanks, Grace! Yeah, I'm a little overboard on the book clubs, but I can't help myself. I love talking about books, and it's a great way to find other people with similar interests. You should try an online book club in the interim. The Deliberate Reader book club is really great – Facebook discussions throughout the month. A Slice of Brie is low key – just one day of questions/comments on her blog, but great book selections.

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