Juvenile Pile: Old Favorites & New Attempts

Well, summer is over. Christopher only read 3 hours in August, and he ended the summer with one square left on bingo – a book with 5 chapters. I’m still debating whether to let him finish in September and still get his free book. We’ll see. Right now we’re reading Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man, which unfortunately only have 4 chapters because it is really holding his interest.

We visited my mother last week, and she still has all of our old Berenstain Bear books, so I had to read a couple of those while we were out there. She also got to hear Christopher read a couple of pages, which was fun.

So here’s what we read this week…

I picked The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners from the stack of 20 or so Berenstain Bear books that my mother still has because Christopher was not behaving well while we were visiting my family. I thought he could use some reminders about manners.

I think it was over his head, but I enjoyed reading this book again. It tells of the cubs and Papa Bear being very rude to each other. Mama implements a chart of consequences (chores) for poor manners. I should read more of these books and take some tips from Mama Bear!
4 stars

The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed is my second favorite Berenstain Bear book (after Messy Room), so I had to read this one again to Christopher since my mom has it. I always wanted a tree house or a club house in the woods.

In light of non-binary gender awareness, this book seemed a little dated now. The whole idea of boys vs. girls, and especially Mama’s comments about how Brother must feel with Sister being a younger girl and being better at everything. But the message about kindness is still valid.
5 stars (nostalgia rating), 3 stars (mom rating)

Battle of the Super Heroes! is part of the The Amazing Adventures of Superman! series is a book I selected in an attempt to find a book with 3 chapters for bingo that would hold Christopher’s interest. We started a lot of chapter books this summer that he never wanted to pick up again.

I did have to push him to read this book 3 nights in a row, but he didn’t really resist as much as with a lot of other books. And once he started reading, he seemed pretty interested. In this story Superman appears to be battling Batman, but it turns out to be the bad guy in disguise. The chapters build in length, but all were under 10 pages. This was a good level 2 chapter book.
4 stars

Without realizing it, I reserved the board book version of The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! from the library. I thought it would be a fun book about feelings. I was hoping for something that would make Christopher more aware of his own emotions.

This book was a bit more simplistic than I was hoping, but Christopher was able to read it on his own. And he did exclaim, “That’s how I feel?” when it mentioned everyone always telling Pigeon what to do. It was a cute read with some good humor at the end.
3 stars

I found the Bright Sparks version of The Elves and the Shoemaker at the library because we needed a fairy tale for bingo. This series is really meant for very beginner readers. It’s a read together type book. The adult reads the left side page, and the child reads the right side page. The kid sentence repeats something from the adult’s passage. I wish I knew about this series last year!

It was too easy for Christopher, but we enjoyed it anyway. This story is one of my favorite fairy tales. It’s hard to find a fairy tale that isn’t about princesses, so this was the perfect fit.
4 stars

I wanted to read Maddi’s Fridge with Christopher because I want him to be aware that not all kids have everything that he has. Some kids don’t even have enough food to eat.

This book introduces this concept in a way that young children can understand, although I think it’s probably better for slightly older kids – ages 6-10. It was a bit over Christopher’s head. He was more concerned with seeing the pizza bombs at the end than in understanding that Maddi’s mom couldn’t afford to buy food. Regardless, it’s a wonderful book.
5 stars

School’s First Day of School is a fun back to school book that I read about recently on Waking Brain Cells. It’s about a new school that doesn’t really know what a school is. He’s only known the janitor until the beginning of the school year. When the kids come, it’s overwhelming, but fun.

For anyone who’s kids haven’t started school year, this is a fun book if they’re feeling a little apprehensive. I especially liked that it wasn’t just about kindergartners (although they are a big focus of the story). Older kids can be nervous about school too.
4 stars

Did you read anything good this week?

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  1. Me and my son read (and loved) Dog Man!!! We love Dav Plikey's books. We're reading The Doldrums by Nicholas Cannon now & I like it. I'm not sure if my boy does yet (it starts out a tad slow, but I can tell ADVENTURES will happen).

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