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Christopher read Dog Man all week again this week, and we finally finished it last night. My review will be up tomorrow morning. That means the books I’m sharing here today are the ones I’ve been reading aloud to him before he took his turn reading each night.

Christopher picked out The Pirate Jamboree from the school library this week. I told him to pick books he actually wanted to read because his selections from last week never got read.

This book was OK. It was one of those books that describes all of the characters (in awkward rhymes) but doesn’t really tell much of a story. I think younger kids (ages 2-4) would have enjoyed it more. I was very bored, and Christopher flipped through the Pokemon book he’d selected the whole time I was reading.

2 stars

Bear and Bunny reminded me a lot of Winnie-the-Pooh. The bear and the bunny are very much like Pooh and Piglet. They’re best friends, and the sing cute little songs to themselves. Even the illustrations reminded me of Pooh and Piglet in The Hundred Acre Woods. I wouldn’t have thought I would have liked a Winnie-the-Pooh wannabe book, but I loved it. The characters were so cute. They want a pet and they search the forest for a good one. It’s just adorable.

5 stars

I first heard about Lion Lessons on Lessons by Sandy back in July.

It’s a cute story about a little boy who takes lessons on how to be a lion. The lion tries to teach him how to roar, how to look frightening, how to hide, and how to pounce. The boy is terrible, which makes it funny.

Christopher and I gave our best roars while reading the book. It was fun. The ending of this book is super cute. We both enjoyed this one.

4 stars

I heard about Snappsy the Alligator on Nerdy Book Club in an article about the sequel coming out next year. Since I always like to read books in order, I reserved this from the library.

In this story, Alligator is basically being followed by the narrator, and the narrator is talking about his life. I liked that idea. It’s kind of like reality TV (which I actually hate), but in book form it was pretty funny. It’s a good way to teach kids about story telling – just recounting what happened during someone’s day. It’s very creative and original.

4 stars

The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read was featured in Book Page’s Children’s Corner email blast. This story was interesting. A young boy has two cats, and they always bug him when he’s trying to read, so he decides to teach them how to read. While the idea is kind of ridiculous, the story is pretty cute. Both cats do eventually learn to read, and they play act the stories with Nick.

Christopher loves cats, so he thought this story was pretty cute. And the ending is cute and funny.

4 stars

Christopher and Jim first read Nanobots, but he wanted to read it again with me the next night. That’s always a good sign. This book is almost non-fiction. It describes different nanobots, which are featured in the story. While nanobots doesn’t actually exist, the book explains that they probably will with the next 20 years. Christopher thought that was pretty cool.

After all of the introductions, there is a little bit of adventure at the technology show that the nanobots are being displayed at – kind of like in Big Hero 6. I think this is planned to be a series. Or I hope so anyway.

4 stars

The Not So Quiet Library wasn’t as good as I was hoping. It’s about a boy and his brother (who is a bear – what?!) who like to visit the library. While they’re trying to read quietly, there are a lot of loud booming noises. It turns out to be a monster. It’s trying to eat the books. The boys (or boy and bear) explain that books are for reading and instead feed the monster donuts. All is right in the world once again.

I think younger audiences would like this one more than we did. It was just too simplistic and not exciting enough.

3 stars

I read about A Tiger Tail on Celebrate Picture Books. It’s a first day of school story. A little girl wakes up on the first morning of kindergarten with a tiger tail. She’s embarrassed to go to school because she thinks the other kids will make fun of her. She tries to get rid of it in many ways, but nothing work. And her parents aren’t making a big deal about it. They make her go to school anyway.

The resolution is really cute. I think it’s a story kids can relate to even though the tiger tail part isn’t realistic. It’s about being different and feeling out of place. But then celebrating everyone’s differences. It’s really cute.

4 stars

What have you read with your kids this week?

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