Month in Review: July 2016

July was a month of adjusting to my new job. I have to wake up an hour earlier, and that’s been harder to do than I thought. I think we’re in a good rhythm now though.

Books / Book Clubs
– I finished 19 books in July. Whoa! 5 Kindle, 12 Paper, 2 Audio – including 2 read-alouds and 3 re-reads
– My family book club meeting was canceled, which worked out well because I didn’t read the book.
– My YA book club meeting was fun as usual.
– My moms book club isn’t reading over the summer.

– I am working on transferring my domain name for my second blog, and I am learning WordPress. For real, the site should be up sometime this month.

– My new job is wonderful! As you know, it’s inspiring me to cook more. And it’s allowing me to learn WordPress for work. I am very happy with the projects I’ve been assigned, and I am enjoying being in a more creative environment. And I was even given an ARC to read for feature consideration for Country Woman magazine, so that was fun!

– I went to the gym only twice in July. I am terrible when I don’t have a race coming up, so I’m now signed up for a 5K Beer Run in October. That should get me back to the gym this month.
– We have been using our gym membership a lot though because the outdoor pool is now open, and July was a VERY hot month. We went swimming a lot!

– We celebrated Jim’s birthday on July 5th. We were at home for the first time in 12 years. We usually go up north to his parents’ place for the 4th of July, but due to a fireworks accident last year, the fireworks were canceled, and we decided to try to festivities closer to home.
– We saw Jim’s sister and her kids a lot this month – 3rd of July BBQ, a couple other evening hang outs (including Ben/Hailey birthday celebration), and we took Ben along with us to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this past weekend.

Christopher with his cousin Ben at the Ren Faire.

– We hosted a 4th of July party for some friends. Before that we attended the 4th of July parade. Don’t let this picture fool you. Jim only stayed for 15 minutes, and then he had to tend the pool heater. The parade was 2 hours long, and I loved every single second of it! I am SUCH a parade person. We also went up to the park after the party for fireworks. It was very nice to just watch a professional display.

Jim & Christopher at the New Berlin 4th of July Parade.

– As I mentioned above, we went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with some friends last weekend. I think Christopher had the most fun of all. He played a bunch of games. And we all enjoyed the jousting.

Christopher shooting a cross bow at the Ren Faire.

– Jim and I went out downtown with our friends, Teresa and Sarah. We had drinks and took a boat cruise down the river and out into the lake. It was beautiful!

Jim, Me, Teresa, and Sarah in downtown Milwaukee.

Milwaukee skyline and boats at sunset.

– Jim and Christopher have been playing a lot of Pokemon Go. Jim even made this cool phone mount for his bike (using his 3D printer). I got dragged along on a couple of Pokemon hunts, but mostly it’s been something they can do together.

My Pokemon hunters!

– On July 2nd we attended the grand opening of the new playground at Malone Park. It was cool to see the tower we worked on in its finished form. And Christopher LOVES the playground.

Cullen and Christopher in the tower we helped build.

– Christopher finished playing baseball in mid-July. I was very happy for it to be over because the heat was really awful, and the two nights a week commitment was getting old. We have a month off before soccer starts.

Liam, Josh, Noah, Sophia, Cullen, Connor
Joshua, Christopher, Quinton, Ellie, Ryleigh

– Christopher attended his one week of camp at the YMCA, and he enjoyed. Although he said he’s happy to be back at Princeton Club because he liked the outdoor pool and the inside gym time.
– Jim and Christopher (mostly Jim) have begun work on Christopher’s soap box derby car. He’ll race in early September.

I am a little sad about this being the last month of summer, but I am looking forward to my visit to my parents’ house at the end of the month.

How was your July? What are you doing this month?

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    1. I know! What's funny is that about half way through the month I felt like I hadn't read very much. Apparently not! šŸ™‚ Yes, the new job is a much better fit. It's slow because I'm new, but I think once my projects get going, it's going to be really wonderful. Thanks!

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