Book Review: Because I Love You (YA)

I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Because I Love You by Tori Rigby

Published on May 17, 2016.

Goodreads Summary:
Eight weeks after sixteen-year-old Andie Hamilton gives her virginity to her best friend, “the stick” says she’s pregnant. 

Her friends treat her like she’s carrying the plague, her classmates torture and ridicule her, and the boy she thought loved her doesn’t even care. Afraid to experience the next seven months alone, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, Neil Donaghue, a dark-haired, blue-eyed player. With him, she finds comfort and the support she desperately needs to make the hardest decision of her life: whether or not to keep the baby.

Then a tragic accident leads Andie to discover Neil’s keeping a secret that could dramatically alter their lives, and she’s forced to make a choice. But after hearing her son’s heartbeat for the first time, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to let go.

My Review:
I am so torn about this book. It started off so well, but then there were just too many unrealistic things that happened. I overlooked the first couple, but then it got to be too much. The suspension of disbelief was lost. I just couldn’t.

So, rather than write a traditional review for this book, I am going to list the things I liked and disliked.


Andie’s Mother – She is awesome! So supportive, so loving. Just amazing. YA needs more moms like her.

Jill / Neil – After Andie’s old friends (see below) abandon her, she starts hanging out with Jill (a brand new friend) and Neil (her ex-boyfriend). They are wonderful. Their insta-friendship was a little unrealistic, but it was one of the things I could handle because they were terrific.

Adoption out of Love – Adoption isn’t portrayed much in teen pregnancy stories, so I loved that that was the focus of this book (although it wasn’t what I expected). I appreciated the message that adoption is something that is done out of love. It’s a hard choice, but one that mothers make to give their children a better chance at life. I loved that!


Heather / Carter – Andie has been best friends with Heather and Carter forever (since kindergarten I think), but both of them betray her immediately when they find out she’s pregnant. I know they live in a small, Christian town and attend a prep school, but I hated them for their behavior. It was just too awful.

The School Administration – Some really horrible things happen to Andie at school, and no one does anything about it. That was just too unrealistic.

All. The. Crying. – I know Andie is pregnant, but seriously! She cries all the time. Over everything. Happy and sad. I just couldn’t handle it after a while.

Andie – I don’t want to call her weak, but she did kind of bounce around all over the place with her thinking and her decisions. And her dependency on Neil was a little nauseating sometimes. Sorry.

Open Adoption – Why isn’t it discussed at all?

My Rating: 3 Stars

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