Juvenile Pile: More Summer Reading and Bingo!

We did a lot of reading this week. Christopher finished his first 6 hours of reading, and we went to the library Friday night to collect his prize. He got a free pass to our of the area outdoor pools. I think we may go today since our health club outdoor pool isn’t finished yet.

Christopher marking off his first books on the bingo sheet.

Friday morning I gave Christopher the reading bingo sheet that I made, so when we were at the library, we picked out books fitting several of the category. That set us up to do some more fun reading this weekend.

I Will Chomp You! is actually the one book we read last week before we went on vacation for 5 days and hardly did any reading. It’s similar to The Monster at the End of This Book, only not as good. I think it would appeal to a much younger audience (maybe ages 2-4). It was an easy read for Christopher, but it didn’t really make us laugh as I’m sure it was supposed to do.

Still it was kind of a cute book, and I’m not sad that we read it. It’s just not one we’d really read again because Christopher is a little old.

3 stars

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late is a book we own. My sister bought it for Christopher for Christmas or his birthday last year. I can’t remember which one. It’s one of our favorites. Mo Willems writes great, funny books.

This was the first time Christopher read this book himself. It was a little easy for him. but we enjoyed it nonetheless. It made us smile and laugh as usual. It was fun for me to hear him doing the emotions.

5 stars

Loveabye Dragon is a book I saw recently on a list of dragon books, but I can’t remember who’s list it was. It’s a sweet and cute read. It was another easy read for Christopher, but we didn’t love it. It’s about a lonely girl and a lonely dragon who find each other and become friends.

Our local children’s theater is doing a production of it this coming season for their young audience series (ages 2-5). I’m not sure it has enough content for a 30 minute play, but the characters are cute. We’ll skip the show since Christopher is a little old for this tale.

3 stars

I read about this book recently – again can’t remember where. The couple that wrote it have a transgender child. When our library didn’t have a copy, I decided to buy it. I read this one to Christopher.

“Pink is a Girl Color” and Other Silly Things People Say is even better than I expected it to be. It goes through various things traditional thought as being for a specific gender and refutes that claim. It’s a great conversation starter for discussions with kids about gender roles and stereotypes. It’s one we’ll definitely be reading over and over again.

5 stars

Peanut Butter & Brains is a book I saw mentioned on Everyday Reading’s Instagram. She said she didn’t get zombies, but I knew right away that Christopher would love this book.

He read it so well. He did the best zombie voices. It was actually creeping me out a little bit he was so good at it. This story is really cute. It’s about a zombie who loves PB&J. He tries to get all of the other zombies to try them.

4 stars

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! is a book we picked out from the library to satisfy the “Book with speech bubbles” square on the bingo grid. We’d never read it before. Christopher read this to me in the car home from the library on Friday. The bingo sheet worked as I’d hoped. It re-inspired him to read more.  He read 4 books on Friday for a total of 30 minutes.

This pigeon story is cute, although not a new favorite for me. Pigeon wants a puppy, but when he sees one in person, he’s scared.

4 stars

We selected Baby Penguins Love Their Mama! for the “Book about penguins” category. I found several penguin books at the library, but Christopher chose this one because the baby penguins were so cute.

This book is one that I could see older children buying for their mothers – high school graduation gift perhaps. It’s about how the mama penguin spends all her time teaching the babies what they need to know. She worries that they won’t need her once they’ve learned everything, but they assure her she’ll always be their mama.

4 stars

We found Pete the Cat Robo-Cat on the new shelf at the library. We selected it because we needed a “Book about a robot”. Christopher really likes Pete the Cat. He’s not my favorite. This book was cute through. Pete is sad because none of his friends want to play catch with him, so he decides to build a robot to play and do whatever he wants. After a while he misses his friends and realizes that being with them is more important than doing what he wants to do. This is a great message, especially for my bossy only child. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. And Christopher did a great job reading it.

4 stars

I selected How Tall: Wacky Comparisons from the non-fiction shelf because bingo calls for a “Non-Fiction Book”, and this one looked fun. It was super cute. It uses crazy comparisons to show how tall things are. For example, the Statue of Liberty is as tall as 431 pigeons.

Some pages required us to turn the book its side. Each page features an adorable illustration, the wacky height comparison, and the actual height and calculation in feet and meters. There are other books in this series, and we’ll definitely be checking them out. We loved this one.

4 stars

Christopher reading How Tall.

What has your family been reading this week?

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  1. Oh these are fun picks! My son wanted to read a chapter book this time so we chose Timmy Failure. Whew…umm…it's a bit of a challenge for him just yet. We have to read it together. There are a lot of large words. My son takes an additional reading class at school but he does well. It's a matter of retaining the information. There's a book called Monkey Butt or Chicken Butt that he loved last year. It is so funny – if you can find it, your son would probably find it hilarious!!!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly. I'll look for the butt book. šŸ™‚ And maybe we'll try Timmy Failure as a read aloud. I want to read more longer books out loud with Christopher to help with his day to day retention.

      We went to see The BFG, and I was surprised by how well he was able to talk about what they included and didn't include.

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