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Last week I talked only about reading books we own. Today I want to share some of the library books we’ve been loving lately. And I’ll also mention our recently finished read aloud.

Christopher reading Possum Magic in bed.

We have a love seat in Christopher’s room for reading bedtime stories, but lately he wants to read in his bed. Which is comfortable for him, but it leaves me sitting on a tiny step stool next to his bed that I don’t always enjoy.

I was so excited to finally convince Christopher to read the Reading Together Family Book Club picture book pick for Australia, Possum Magic.

This book is cute. A grandmother possum casts as spell on her granddaughter, making her invisible. When she doesn’t want to be invisible anymore, they travel all over Australia trying new foods attempting to find the one that will reverse the spell. It’s a fun way to highlight different cities and foods in the region. I had to read all of the city names and most of the food names to keep Christopher going.

3 stars

Journey is the first book in Aaron Becker’s wordless picture book series. I got the third book at BEA, and I’ll do a full review later this year. Christopher read it to me, and we talked about the pictures: what the girl was feeling and what was happening. It was better than I was expecting. It tells a great story even without words.

Christopher thought he’d read it before because it’s similar to Harold and the Purple Crayon. The girl draws things with a red crayon, and then they come to life – a door, a boat, a hot air balloon, etc. It’s very imaginative and fun.

4 stars

I saw something about Sometimes Just One Is Just Right recently, and I knew I had to read it with Christopher. It’s about a boy who wishes he had siblings. It was good to talk with Christopher about whether he wished he had siblings – he used to. Now he told me that he likes being an only child because then he doesn’t have to share. I think we work well as a family of three, so it was nice to hear that he agrees.

I read this book to him because I really wanted to read and discuss it. I did make him read the first page though because he needed another 2 minutes for his 15 minutes that night.

4 stars

How Heavy is the last book in the Wacky Ways to Compare series. This book is about weight (obviously), and it was just as fun as the others. It was a little harder to get my head around these comparisons because I don’t know the weight of things as well as I know the size of things.

The first comparison was probably our favorite: 167 hamburgers weigh as much as a bulldog (45 pounds). But that’s also how much Christopher weights. That’s a lot of hamburgers!

4 stars

It took Christopher several weeks to finish Bradford Street Buddies: Backyard Camp-Out, but he finally did it. We counted it as a “Book with 4 Chapters”. This series is great for young readers because while it’s a chapter book, the whole thing is illustrated.

One family is cleaning out their garage and finds an old tent, so the kids decide they want to camp in the backyard. They invite their friends to join them, but they’re busy looking for a missing cat. They all join in the hunt and find the missing cat. The actual camp-out never happens at the end, which sort of annoyed me. But otherwise, we enjoyed this one.

4 stars

I read Henry Huggins out loud to Christopher. I bought it for him for Easter. The chapters are really long, so we didn’t read it every night. I’d never read this book growing up, even though I read a lot of the Ramona books. The story isn’t entirely continuous from chapter to chapter – more a bunch of stories about the same characters, but we enjoyed it. Henry is a little bit naughty, but he usually has good intentions, so I think Christopher and I both could relate to that.

In the first chapter he finds his dog Ribsy, he digs for night crawlers to earn money, and he breed guppies, among other crazy things. Because it was written in 1950, the money talk was interesting. Everything was so cheap! Christopher didn’t seem to notice since he doesn’t have a great grasp on money yet anyway.

I’d like to read all of her books now (or at least the Henry ones) in chronological order. I’ve already reserved Henry and Beezus from the library, so we’ll tackle that one next.

3 stars

What have your kids been reading? Any new favorites?

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