Juvenile Pile: Giants, dinosaurs, a bear, and a dragon

We finally finished The BFG this week. We read a lot on Tuesday and Thursday nights because I wanted to go see the movie this weekend. It was a challenging read aloud because of all the made up words the BFG uses, but I enjoyed re-reading it, and I think Christopher liked hearing it.

We read a lot of other books to satisfy the squares on summer reading bingo. Some from the library that we’d picked out specially for bingo, some that we own, and a couple that I reserved that we made fit into some categories.

I’ve talked before about Lisa Wheeler’s dino books. They’re so good! Christopher selected Dino-Baseball on Tuesday night because he needed a book about dinosaurs. I read the dinosaur names, but he read everything else until we hit his 15 minutes. Then I read the last couple of pages.

He has renewed interest in this series and keeps asking when Dino-Racing will be out – October, but we already have it pre-ordered.

 4 stars

We selected The Cow in Apple Time from the library because we needed a book about a cow. I didn’t realize it was a Robert Frost poem that had been illustrated. The drawing were cute, and Christopher didn’t have a problem reading the words, but we both struggled with the meaning.

I don’t really enjoy classic literature or poetry. I’m sure that makes me a horrible person on some level, but oh well. You like what you like, right? Consider this rating low because of how we enjoyed it (or didn’t) and not a reflection on Frost as a poet please.

2 stars

Welcome Home, Bear was chosen because we needed a book about a bear. It’s purely coincidence that all of the animal books were read this week. There are other topics on my bingo board, I swear.

This book was OK. It’s about a bear who thinks he wants to find another home. He’s sick of the forest, so he goes exploring other habitats. In the end he decides his home is the best. The illustrations were great, but there wasn’t a lot of plot. It was cute, but a little young for Christopher. It would be better suited for ages 2-3.

3 stars

We own I Am Baymax, and I selected it from the shelf to read for “Book based on a Movie/TV Show” after Christopher tried to read the Star Wars Episode 7 Little Golden Book. That book had way too many words.

This book was super cute, and a little too easy, but again, reading at night was hard this week. I think Christopher got this book for his birthday or something. I honestly don’t know that I ever read it before. Baymax is the narrator, and he’s telling the reader all about Hero, his friends, and Baymax. I liked it more than I expected to for an easy reader and movie book.

4 stars

I mentioned last week that we really enjoyed How Tall?, so I reserved the other books in the series. I wasn’t sure whether Christopher would be that excited about reading more of these books. He was! We read How Long? first on Thursday night. He was really into again, but I did have to read the last page when he ran out of steam. It compares the lengths of things in wacky ways – a peacock tail feather is as long as 7 sticks of licorice! It was a super fun read.

We used it for our “Book with a purple cover.” That’s purple, right?

4 stars

Then on Friday night, Christopher read How Big? I think this may be the first book in the series because it’s kind of a little of everything. It’s supposed to be measuring size, and sometimes that’s volume, but sometimes it’s also height or length or diameter or surface area. I liked this book a little less because it wasn’t explaining a consistent type of measurement.

I don’t think Christopher minded. And I did love that he had to read big numbers in these books as well. He did a pretty great job with 67,825. We used this as a “Book with a blue cover.”

3 stars

It took us two nights to get through It Came in the Mail. I had seen it on Twitter on its release date. Christopher started it Thursday, but after a few pages, he set it down and said, “It wasn’t as interesting as I thought.”

We picked it up on Friday night, and I read the rest because I was curious how it would end. It reminded me a lot of Too Many Moose. A little boy writes a letter to the mailbox asking for mail, and he gets a dragon – and then a bunch of other animals. In the end, he mailed them all to other kids except the dragon. It was a fun concept because kids do love getting mail.

3 stars

And then of course, I read Freda Says Please, which I reviewed yesterday.

What did you read this week?

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