ARC August Signup and Goals

I’ve been seeing signups in my Bloglovin feed, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I have a bunch of ARCs that I’m behind on (mostly from BEA), so I’m going to try to read mostly ARCs in August – except for book club books.

ARC August is hosted by Octavia and Shelly at Read, Sleep, Repeat. Learn more and sign up on their blog.

Here are the books I’m going to be choosing from in August. My goal is to finish at least 6 of these books. Ideally, I’d finish them all, but let’s not get too optimistic!

Are you signed up for ARC August? How many ARCs are you hoping to read?

On the blog last year…

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    1. I had forgotten what it was about, so I just read the description again. It does sound good! šŸ™‚ I will review it once I've read it, so hopefully before the end of August.

      How're your blog plans coming? I am just about to watch a video about WordPress. I think I may use that for my second blog. We use it at my new job, so I thought it would be good practice.

    2. Well, good luck! That's kind of how I am with my second blog. I want to get it "right" this time, so I've been waiting for the time to get everything perfect. (And my friend isn't done with my logo yet.)

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