Top Ten Tuesday #26: Why I Love YA Books

This week’s topic was pretty open ended. We were supposed to discuss 10 reasons why we love something. I realized that I’ve commented on other blogs about why I read YA, but I don’t think I’ve written about it here.

10 Reasons Why I Love YA Books

10. Length

YA books are often shorter than adult books, so I can get through them quicker and they’re less intimidating. I like reading a lot of books and reading them fast. That’s easier to do with YA.

9. Easy Reading

Many YA books are dialog heavy and they’re not overly descriptive, which means they’re much easier to read than heavy, literary adult books. This reason relates to the reason above.

8. Series

There are many YA series. I love sequels and trilogies, etc. I don’t like reading a lot of backstory and character development, so it’s nice to already know the characters and to see them develop further in subsequent books.

7.  Escape

Being an adult is stressful. I don’t always want to read about adult problems, especially when they’re too similar to things going on in my real life. The subjects dealt with in YA books are very far removed from my adult life. They make a great escape.

6. Live Vicariously

I was VERY conservative and shy as a teenager. I went to all girls high school, and I didn’t date anyone until my senior year in college. College, people! So, I enjoy reading about things that I didn’t experience as a teenager. It kind of lets me re-live my youth vicariously through the characters I read about.

5. Adorable Boys

There are so many swoon-worthy male characters in YA books. I usually fall for the nerdy types in real life and in fiction, and more and more newer YA books feature comic book or computer game loving geeks. I love it!

4. Young Love

And with all those boys obviously comes young love. I enjoy a good first love story, and there’s an abundance of feel-good romances in the YA genre.

3. Friendships

Likewise, there are some amazing friendship stories in YA. You don’t make friends after high school like the ones you had during that time. I love reading about healthy, fun groups of girlfriends.

2. Female Power

In the dystopian realm especially, the hero of the story is almost always female. I love a good woman-power, save the world kind of story. They don’t happen much in the adult fiction genre.

1. Strong Emotions

The teen years are filled with angst and the fight for independence. I love the emotions involving in these types of stories. I also love the adventures and end of the world, serious drama type stories. The emotions are high, and they’re so fun to read.

Do you YA books? Do you have similar or different reasons?

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  1. Oh yes, great pick for this weeks prompt! Love that this prompt means nearly all our posts are about something different. I love YA books, I probably read more of that now than adult fiction. I love the fact it is the perfect form of escapism, especially when they are there worrying about problems that seem so insignificant to me now. You can check my TTT post out here.

    1. I agree. This week was fun. I love reading what everyone came up with. I think I read a bit more YA than adult fiction, but more adult fiction now than I was reading a couple years ago.

  2. I love YA for so many of the same reasons. I have to admit length also is one for me… or maybe I've been reading YA for so long that when I see giant books I'm not used to them?? Either way 400+ pagers make me anxious. I also love the adorable boys and the young love. And living vicariously. I mean, teenage years were HARD, but life was so much more wide open then. I kind of miss having my whole life and all my major choices ahead of me.

  3. Great post and I generally agree, except that I have been seeing SO many long YA books lately. (I know we talked on GR about Unexpected Everything). My rule is that only YA fantasy books are allowed to be long. Or that if you write 500+ pages, every page better be necessary!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. I agree. I try to choose books until 400 pages. TUE was way too long. It could have been trimmed down a lot. I did that one on audio, so it made it a little easier to get through.

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