Month in Review: May

May was a busy month. Fill of time spent outdoors and ships passing in the night.

– I finished 15 books this month (3 audio, 7 paper, 5 Kindle).
– I think I’m giving up on my re-read challenge, but I did finish my first Brandon Sanderson book and read my first Kasie West book for my new author challenge.
– My YA Book Club read Tell Me Three Things, and we have an enjoyable meeting/discussion.
– My Mom’s Book Club read The Good Girl, and we jumped right into the book discussion even before everyone arrived. We had a lot to say.
– We had our inaugural meeting of our Family Book Club with my sisters-in-law, my niece, my niece’s friend, and her mom. We read I Will Always Write Back, and all loved it.

I attended BEA in Chicago, and it was the most amazing, bookish experience, and I came home with so many books I’m anxious to read.
– I won a couple of giveaways and received some finished books in the mail for review.
– I am thinking of starting a second blog for my YA/adult book reviews/discussions, so I can have a more bookish blog title. I’d keep Mom’s Radius for children’s book reviews, Juvenile Pile, and personal/mom stuff. More on that later this month most likely. Right now I’m leaning towards The Opinionated Book Lover. What do you think of that title? I think it describes me well and hints that I review books or at least share my opinions. Do you think it’s too judgy?

– I have been eating horribly. Let’s just not even go there.
– I only went to the gym 3 times this month. Ugh!
– And I ran three times outside.
– Jim and I did a Beer Run with our friends. It was only a mile, but it was super and surprisingly hard. Running after drinking 2 beers is challenging!

Aaron, Karla, me, and Jim with our Miller Lite. It was the only choice.

– Christopher started baseball. I am helping coach again. It’s fun, but it’s already been so hot.
– Christopher lost his two front teeth within a couple days of each other, so he’s adorably toothless.

Toothless Monkey.

– Jim taught Christopher how to ride his bike, and he has been riding every day since.
– And Christopher learned to tie his shoes. I’ll do full post about it soon because I have some tips.
– We celebrated Mothers’ Day and my niece’s birthday with Jim’s family. My niece made the most amazing video for her mother. She laughed and cried. So awesome!

Sarah watching Claire’s video. So much laughter.

– Christopher’s teacher went out on maternity leave, so he now has a long term sub. I’d love to say he is being nice to her, but, alas, he is not. It’s been a rough few weeks. Thankfully school ends next week.
– I attended Muffins for Moms in Christopher’s kindergarten class. It was so cute!

So cute, right?

– I volunteered for Christopher’s class trip to a farm. It was fun, but again, so hot! The kids got to pet the animals, ride ponies, take a hay friend, and my favorite – milk a cow! I’ve always wanted to milk a cow. I went to farm camp when I was a kid, and we milked goats. Milking a cow was the same but also different.
– Jim and I volunteered for a shifting building a new all-inclusive playground at our neighborhood park. It wasn’t quite what I’d imagined, but it was fun, and it will be cool to always see our work when we go to play.

Me and Jim after building some of the structure above this slide.

– I had a sleepover with my two close friends. We watched Mean Girls (which I had never seen) and Les Miserables.
– Jim played a lot of board games with his friends.
– Christopher finally got to have a Pokemon play date with his friend from school.

– We finally hung some pictures in Christopher’s playroom and in the TV room.

Aren’t these adorable? I smile every time I see them.

– We killed ourselves this last weekend working on the front garden. We have so many more beds to do, but I am very happy with how this one is looking.

I weeded on Sunday. Then on Monday we raised the rounded brick
and laid the rectangular brick along the driveway/sidewalk and mulched.

June brings a lot of traveling and the Savage Race. Yikes! I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m looking forward to it anyway. I still (delusionally, maybe) think it’s going to be fun.

How was your month? What are you looking forward to in June?

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  1. I love reading your "mom posts" so I'm excited to keep up with both blogs if you go that route! (I'm not even a mom but I just love learning about people's lives and getting tips in general!) Also did you like Mean Girls??? A classic!

    1. Thanks, Lauren. I'm just feeling like to better market myself as a book blogger, my site name should have the word book in it.

      Yes, I loved Mean Girls. I can't believe how many big name people were in it. It was so funny. When it was originally released, Jim and I had just started dating and I was very poor, so I guess I wasn't doing many girlfriend movies. šŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you had a busy month! Someday I'll start doing things again, when my little guy is a little older. Right now, just going to the grocery store is an adventure! šŸ™‚ Hope your June is as enjoyable!

    1. Thanks, Julie. Yeah, take it easy with that little guy. It's nice to come out of the mommy craze of the early years and start doing stuff again, but that time when they're little is fun too. It's just different. šŸ™‚

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