Juvenile Pile: Start of Library Summer Reading

Tuesday night we went to the library to sign Christopher up for their summer reading program, and he is seriously pumped about reading now.

He’s read almost 2 hours already this week. For every 6 hours that he reads, he’ll get a prize (up to 5 prizes). The prizes are coupons for local attractions and restaurants, so that’s pretty exciting.

I only read him one book this week, but I’m not complaining because he read a lot of good books to me! Including this first one that I was set to take back to the library after Jim read it with Christopher, but Christopher said we had to keep it because he liked it so much. And because I hadn’t gotten to read it yet. He remedied that right away by reading it to me while we drove to and from the library.

Little Goblins Ten is so adorable! It’s a counting book, but instead of the typical items, this book has various “monsters” counting their children. Examples: wolves, mummies, dragons, etc. The scariest page according to Christopher is the zombies. They are pretty gross with their purplish faces.

This book is perfect for Halloween lovers or supernatural-type nerds to share with their kids. I really enjoyed it. And Christopher read it so well with the verse. (He’d heard Jim read it once, but still, I was impressed.) If he were a little younger, I might buy this one.
5 stars

Poor Puppy and Bad Kitty was my least favorite of the week. Puppy is sad because Kitty doesn’t want to play. There’s a lot of counting in this book as well, but it’s of the traditional variety – 1 airplane, 2 balls, etc. It follows the whole alphabet (twice). It got very tedious for Christopher to read.

There’s some country names involved in the secound round of counting, so that made it even harder to read for him. Although, I still don’t know how much we would have enojoyed it if I’d been reading. I was a little disappointed. I read about the Bad Kitty chapter books, but saw these and thought they’d be more on grade level for Christopher. We might skip the second book I borrowed from the library. It has counting too. 3 stars

Explorers of the Wild has the cutest pictures. I seriously couldn’t get enough of them. After Christopher finished reading, I kept looking through the book for about 5 minutes. I would frame just about any page.

The story is terrific as well. It’s about a boy and a bear who are exploring in the woods. At the beginning the voice is either of them or both of them (individually). We weren’t sure if they were together or what to start. Then they bump into each other and get scared.

Ultimately, they team up and continue exploring and become good friends. I loved the outdoor aspect and the drawings (as I said above). I need to buy this book for my cousin when her almost born baby is a little older. 5 stars

Ah-Choo! is a book I can relate to. The sister in the book is allergic to all animals, so the little boy is struggling to find a pet. I am allergic to cats and dogs, and Jim is allergic to dogs, so Christopher can’t have a traditional pet either (not that I’d want him to have a pet anyway).

The text is simple, but toddlers and preschoolers will love the animals and the continued Ah-Chooing. It was a fun read. 4 stars

I’ve written about my love for Lisa Wheeler’s books, but Christopher re-read Dino-Wrestling this week. It was his first time reading (vs. listening to) this book. It has a lot of hard words, but he did a pretty good job. This read spanned 2 days because we were interrupted for baseball practice.

The wrestling book isn’t my favorite because it showcases the different styles of wrestling and isn’t quite as cohesive of a story as some of the others. 4 stars

In case you missed my review yesterday, I read What Were You Thinking? to Christopher on Thursday night. I got a copy from Boys Town Press after meeting them at BEA.

Christopher loved that the character’s name is Braden because one of his neighborhood friends has that name. I think it made it a little more relatable.

This book was so perfect for us right now, and I know we’ll be reading it often. 5 stars

I love Deborah Underwood, and her latest book, Good Night Baddies, did not disappoint. It’s a story about all of the villains (a.k.a. “baddies”) from different fairy tales. We had a fun time trying to guess the stories before Christopher read the words. He was especially excited to have identified the troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Our favorite was the Giant. I won’t say why. šŸ™‚

Best of all, there is a song to accompany the book. Deborah wrote and recorded it herself. Christopher and I listened to it after finishing the book. We followed along in the book, which was really fun. 5 stars

Christopher got really excited when he picked this book out because he thought it was The Book with No Pictures. When I pointed out that it wasn’t, he asked to get that book from the library again, so I’ll have to do that.

This Is Not a Picture Book! is kind of similar, except that it’s the duck in the book that is reading the book without the pictures. The actual book does have pictures.

As the duck is reading some of the words from the book, the illustrations reflect the mood of those words. I really loved that idea, but I had to explain it to Christopher as we flipped through the book a second time.
4 stars

What have your kids been reading this week? How are you encouraging summer reading? Have you signed up for a library program?

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  1. Thanks for tipping me off to your Juvenile Pile feature! I love the name, and I always like to see what others are borrowing from the library. I'm definitely going to look for Good Night, Baddies – I love picture books that bring together characters from different tales and stick them in a new story.

    1. Thanks. Before I was getting review copies of kids books, I was reviewing the books we were reading. Now that I don't have room for those reviews, I wanted a way to still feature what we were reading. Likewise, I like to know about the good picture books to share with my son. And soon we'll be getting into more and more chapter books. šŸ™‚

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