Top Ten Tuesday #22: Bookworm Delights

This week’s topic is to bookworm delights. These ten book-related events/items make my inner bookworm so, so happy!

Reading outside over lunch

The weather is finally nice here in Wisconsin, which means that I am back to reading in my car over my lunch break. I usually read in the lunch room at work during the cold weather as well, but reading outside is so much better! We don’t have anywhere comfortable to read outside at my office, just some stone tables with stone benches, so I read in my car with the window open. There’s something wonderful about this private break in the middle of the day. I love slipping into another world for a while and enjoying the fresh air.

Browsing at bookstores

I think I’ve said it many times, but I don’t often buy books. I prefer using the library. But I do love browsing for books in bookstores. There’s something so special about touching the covers, being surrounded by books, and quietly reading the descriptions. I delight in adding new titles to my Goodreads list based on finds in bookstores.

Strangely enough, I never browse at the library. It’s just not the same. Perhaps because the books aren’t new? Or the displays aren’t as inviting. Who knows.

Talking about books IRL

Blogging is wonderful, and I am very much enjoying having an outlet for discussing the books I love. But nothing beats talking about books to friends or family in real life. I have a few bookish people, outside of book club, who enjoy discussing books with me, and I love it.

Book Club

As you know I am in three book clubs right now: my YA book club, my kindergarten moms book club, and my family book club – which starts in May. Book clubs are the best! I love reading books with other people and discussing them, however briefly. I also love discussing and deciding on the next book club pick. My niece and I had a great time chatting about book ideas at Christopher’s family birthday dinner. I think we have about 10 books on the list for our family book club. We’re going to be busy for a while!

Movies based on books

Even though they’re so often done poorly, I just love movies based on books. I love to be inspired to read books by upcoming movies. And I cannot resist when a favorite book (or even a hated book) is made into a movie. I have to see them.

What Should I Read Next? podcast

I have been reading Modern Mrs. Darcy for several years, so when Anne announced she was starting a podcast, I knew I had to listen even though I don’t usually give up audiobook time for podcasts. I am loving this series. It’s like listening in on a 2 person book club meeting. I love when they discuss books I have read, and I can kind of validate and comment in my head. And I love when they talk about books I haven’t read, and I can add them to my list. It’s just fun. This podcast is making my Tuesdays so much better. Are you listening?

Bookish t-shirts

I have a couple of book mash up t-shirts, and I love them. It makes me happy to wear the things I love right on my shirt! I have known about movie/video game nerdy t-shirts for a while because my husband has been buying them for years, but I just started getting my own brand of nerdy wear within the last few years. I delight in wearing Harry Potter, Divergent, and The Giving Tree on a regular basis. I need to get more nerd clothes.

Kindle time estimates

I don’t know why, but recently I have become obsessed with the time remaining estimates on my Kindle app on my iPhone. Most of the time I keep it set to counting down the minutes in the current chapter, but I also often toggle to the time remaining in the whole book. I think I just like knowing how much time I am investing in a book. I don’t know. It’s cool. Am I the only one who geeks out over this feature?

Library hold list

I have a lot of books on hold at the library. All. The. Time. And like the Kindle app, I can get kind of obsessive with checking my library hold list. I must visit the library at least once a week to pick up holds, but I log in daily to check the status of my items. I just can’t help myself. I love getting new books, even if I already have a mountain of books waiting to be read.

Marking books as complete on Goodreads

Can you guess that I work in IT based on all these technology things on my list? Anyway…when I finish I book, the first thing I do is mark it as finished and add the rating to Goodreads. It brings me such joy to clear books off my currently reading list. I’m weird. I know.

What bookish things delight you? Do you share any of mine?

This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

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  1. Kindle time estimates!!! I am obsessed with that. Also love my library hold list – another thing I get obsessive over. My favorite is time in a bookstore (sans kids!) I love to just walk around and find new things. Great list!

  2. I took my son to the library yesterday for the first time since the fall. He had braces put on his teeth and I asked him where he wanted to go after as a treat and I was really surprised that he asked to go there! So of course I said yes! We don't go there as much during the school year because he gets a lot of books to take home from school. But anyways, he got some good finds for this week.
    I can't get into reading from an ereader yet. I just can't. I prefer a real book over it. Perhaps one day…maybe.
    I'm still stuck on a book that I've been on forever. I'm almost done it thanks to really nice weather we've been having!
    I don't mind when books turn into movies but I will admit, I am a tad critical of them!

    1. The library is the best! I just want to reserve and read everything! I have a hard time reining myself in. šŸ™‚ That's awesome that your son wanted to go there.

      I was skeptical about ereaders at first too, but I love having books on my phone wherever I am.

      I am VERY critical of movies based on books, but I still love to watch them. And I love judging what they got right and wrong. It's just fun to see things brought to life.

  3. Yep, yep, yep. You are speaking my language. I would also add getting an email that says whatever item I've requested is ready to pick-up! I would love to have a book club, too. Maybe I should start my own and grab some family to do it, too.

    1. Yes, library hold emails are wonderful. šŸ™‚ Although sometimes overwhelming when things come in unexpectedly.

      You should start a book club. You don't need many people. Mine only has 3 people. I also heard someone say they ask individual friends or family to read a book with them, and then they discuss one on one. That could be fun as a start.

  4. I agree with so many! I love sitting outside and reading on my lunch break. So nice and peaceful in the warm weather.

    Also, definitely LOVE Kindle time estimates!! Knowing that I can finish a book in the morning before work or how late I'll need to be up at night is so great.

    1. Reading outside is so wonderful. Sadly, the colder weather has returned for the next week or so. šŸ™

      Yes, knowing how late I might be up finishing a book is super helpful. Usually when I hit less than an hour, there is no stopping me, no matter the hour. šŸ™‚

  5. Great list! I don't know how I survived before kindle time estimates. They are soooo useful! Also: re not browsing in libraries. I'm with you – I wonder if it's the plasticy covers and just the whole smell is different, you know?

    1. Yes, perhaps it's the covers. Although paperbacks don't have those covers. I think it's the lack of pretty displays and overwhelming amount of books, and the fact that they're not all new. I am drawn to the display table our library has by the checkout desk. I enjoy looking at those books even if they're a genre I don't read. šŸ™‚

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