Top Ten Tuesday #19: Bloggers That I Love

This week’s topic was to discuss bookish people that I follow. I am guessing I follow a lot of bloggers and authors that other people follow, so I decided instead to share non-bookish bloggers that I love.

1. Must Be This Tall To Ride

I just started reading this blog a couple of month ago when I Facebook friend shared this post. Matt is a divorcee who shares his life knowledge with other men. He believes that divorce is an epidemic in this nation, and he’s made it his mission to educate married men on how to stay married.

I believe his message applies to women as well, and I also find the insights into the male psyche very enlightening. I am taking his advice to heart and trying to apply some of his instructions to my own marriage.

2. Blue Grass Redhead

I can’t remember when I started reading this blog. Probably sometime last summer after I initially started blogging. I enjoy her practical approach to parenting, including this article which I recently discovered on letting children play outdoors. This series inspired me to read All Work and No Play.

3. Everyday Reading

I know reading is in the name of this blog, but Janssen doesn’t talk about books all that often – at least not adult books. Honestly, I just love the pictures on this blog. Janssen’s three girls are absolutely beautiful. She writes interesting posts about their family and Arizona and clothes. But I mostly love seeing the pictures. Does that make me weird or creepy?

4. All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something

I love the title of this blog. I discovered last year when I was participating in Mama Kat’s writing prompts. Kimberly is a parent of one son, like me, so I enjoy reading about her parenting. But mostly I read this blog to understand her struggles with depression. She is SO honest and open about her experiences. I find it very informative. I have some people in my life who suffer from depression, and I really have no idea of what that’s like.

5. Thatchwork

I know Sandy from church youth group in high school. We were actually roommates on a mission trip to Birmingham, England when I was 16. Now she lives in Africa with her husband and 4 children. They’ve lived there since graduating from college. I haven’t talked to her in 18 years, but I found out about her blog via Facebook many years ago. I love reading about her life in Africa. It’s so fascinating! And she is a wonderful photographer, so again the pictures are amazing.

6. Wil Wheaton

Wil’s blog was one of the first I read. After the first JoCo Cruise Crazy (2 actually), I read one of his books, and I really loved his writing. So I started reading his blog. I’ve been following it for about 4 years now. In a lot of ways, Wil Wheaton reminds me of my husband Jim. He’s super nerdy and a little insecure and loves games. Wil writes about his life and his depression, and I love when he writes about his sons. He clearly loves his wife and his boys. I love his honesty. I don’t read all of his posts about his work and nerd references I don’t get, but when he opens up about himself and his feelings, his writing draws me right in.

7. The Orange Rhino

Since writing her book, Sheila doesn’t blog as much, but I still enjoy the reminders about not yelling when to come into my Bloglovin’ feed.

8. The Simple Dollar

I don’t follow this blog anymore, but I did for a couple of years. Trent has a lot of great advice about personal finances. If you’re struggling at all with credit card debt, not being able to save, or any other financial matter, check out this blog. The tips are invaluable. I stopped reading for two reasons: (1) when he sold the blog, the posts got a little too long and (2) the advice was a little repetitive after a while, but I will still reference this site when I have a financial question.

That’s it. I guess I only have 8 this week.

What non-bookish bloggers should I follow?

This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

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  1. My favourite non-bookish bloggers: Cup of Jo (although they do talk about books), A Healthy Slice of Life (Although I think I enjoy her blog because she has two girls similar in age to mine, so might not be for you :)), Hello Neverland, Camp Patton, Budget Bytes, and Modern Parents Messy Kids.

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