Christopher Turned 6

We had some big excitement in our house this week. Christopher’s birthday was on Monday. For the past couple of years, I have been decorating his bedroom door with balloons while he was sleeping the night before his birthday, so he can wake up to something special. This year he wanted to start decorating the house the Thursday before his birthday. I figured why not.

I bought him a roll of yellow streamers (his favorite color) and a bag of balloons. I knew to get the bag with only 15 balloons because I knew he would want to blow them all up. I was right. He decorated the banisters himself on Thursday night.

Then on Saturday morning he and I decorated his bedroom door, a chair at the kitchen table, the door to the basement, the downstairs bathroom, and we hung streamers from light fixture to light fixture between the kitchen and the living room. We used all the streamers and all the balloons. But he was so excited. So why not!

We had his birthday party at the movie theater this year. We had 9 boys and 2 helper girls. We saw The Jungle Book, the new live action movie. This party was so easy. The movie theater had seats reserved for us, and I spread the girls and one mom out between the boys, and Jim and I sat in the row behind them.

After the movie we had cupcakes and opened presents in the private party room. It was so low key and perfect for me because I don’t do well with lots of noise and tons of kids. Christopher got lots of Pokemon cards and other fun items (games, kites, Lego) and no pointless toys or things he won’t actually end up playing with, so I was really happy about that.

Then Monday night on his actual birthday Jim’s sisters and Christopher’s cousins came over. We had tacos (the only real meal that Christopher eats) and ice cream, and he got a couple more gifts. The highlights being hockey sticks, a fart piano (thanks, Sarah!), and a Pokemon wallet.

I think he had a wonderful birthday weekend…week? Jim and I also bought him a bike, but I’ll save that story for another time. It didn’t quite go as planned.

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    1. The Jungle Book movie was good. Better than I was expecting. It's basically the same as the cartoon version, but with real people and CGI animals, which looked awesome! There were even some songs, which I wasn't expecting. And it wasn't too scary, which I was worried about. I'll do a post about the bike sometime soon.

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