Why I #FeelTheBern

Last night, Jim and I attended the Bernie Sanders rally in Milwaukee. It was awesome! He hit on all of the important issues, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him speak uninterrupted for an hour. It was well worth standing for 6 hours. My body hurt so much, but I didn’t even care. My heart and my soul were so happy. Guys, I actually cried a little when he took the stage. You know me. I don’t cry.

Bernie Sanders at the Milwaukee rally on March 29, 2016.

I wasn’t sure I would care this much about another presidential candidate, but I support Bernie Sanders 100%. I truly believe he can make a difference in this country. I am so excited to cast my vote for him in the Wisconsin Democratic Primary on April 5th.

Why I am voting for Bernie Sanders

The Environment

Climate change is real. We need to do something drastic, or we are going to kill our planet. Soon. I drive a hybrid vehicle, and I would have a fully electric car if we had recharging stations in Wisconsin. I care a lot about the environment. So did Al Gore, which is why I voted for him in my first election in 2000. Unfortunately, since then the environment has been largely ignored.

We need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. And even more importantly, we need to stop letting the large oil companies invest in politics to continue advancing their agenda, which leads me to my next reason…

My incredibly dirty Toyota Prius and my Bernie bumper sticker!

Corporate Investments in Politics

Bernie is running his campaign entirely on donations from regular people, like me and you. He isn’t taking money from large corporations, which means when he’s president, he’ll be able to do what he believes is right for this country, and not what he promised to some corporation to get their large donation.

The media, the oil companies, wall street…they all have too much of a hand in our democracy today. Corporations are not people. They shouldn’t get a say in who runs our government. That power should rest in the hands of the people of this nation.

Wealth Inequity / Rampant Poverty

The American Dream used to mean that anyone could rise above their circumstances and become successful in this country. That’s no longer the case. The wealth in America is so unevenly distributed that even the middle class is struggling to survive. People shouldn’t have to work multiple jobs just to support their families.

The majority of candidates care only about helping the rich get richer. Bernie cares about the average worker. He’s fighting to make sure that we all have enough to feed and shelter our families.

Bernie supporters waiting to get into the rally last night.

Wage Equality for Women

Women working the same job as men make only $0.79 per $1.00. That’s ridiculous! For doing the exact same job, why should women be paid less? It’s gender discrimination, and Bernie Sanders wants to combat this injustice.

Health Care

Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. Sanders wants to expand Medicare for all Americans. This is where socialism comes into play. Countries in Europe have shown that socialized health care works. We need a similar system here, where everyone has the same access to medical care, regardless of income, employment status, or employer.

Me and Jim with our volunteer badges right before we went into the rally building.

Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders believes in war only as a last resort. So do I! I’ve been a pacifist for as long as I can remember. I don’t understand the United States’ desire to involve itself in all conflicts throughout the world. I think we should mind our own business and focus on the issues within our own country, namely poverty, discrimination, and oppression.

Bernie has already done way better than the media and Hillary Clinton thought he would do, but it’s not over yet. He still can (and will!) win the Democratic nomination.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport.” 
– Bernie Sanders

Get out and vote!

Become a part of the political revolution.

“When we stand together…there is nothing we cannot accomplish.” 
– Bernie Sanders

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