My experience with Amazon Smile

Are you familiar with Amazon Smile? Basically, it’s a program that Amazon offers, similar to Box Tops for Education or Yoplait’s Fights in the Fight program. You shop on Amazon using an alternate URL (, and Amazon will donate 0.5% to the charity of your choice.

Learn more about the program on Amazon’s website.

I started using Amazon Smile in March 2014, so I was curious how much had been donated in the last two years based on my shopping.

We love Amazon

We use Amazon A LOT in our household. I hate shopping, as does my husband, so we take advantage of Amazon any chance we get. Not only does Amazon often have the lowest prices, but we’ve been piggy-backing off of my parent’s Amazon Prime membership for the last 8+ years, so we get free shipping on all qualifying purchases. Games, toys, gifts, shoes, electronics, household items, you name it, we buy it from Amazon.

We also love Roswell Park Cancer Institute

About 9 years ago my father was diagnosed with throat cancer, and he received exceptional care from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY. Again in 2014 he needed an experimental treatment that was only available at Roswell. Both times their medical expertise saved his life.

As a family we have participated in their annual Ride for Roswell bike ride fundraiser, and we donate funds to the hospital as part of our normal charitable giving.

Putting the two together

Amazon Smile allows the opportunity to support Roswell Park and almost 1 million other charities by doing what you would do anyway…shop! When you use, you get access to the same assortment of products as on the regular website. Your use your same account. You just designate your charity one time, and the funds automatically go to that organization when you make purchases.

I’ll admit that I don’t always remember to use Amazon Smile, and my husband never uses it. I wanted to know how much Roswell Park had received from my purchases in the last 2 years. Amazon offers basic reporting on orders, but they don’t designate Amazon Smile purchases separately, so I had to sift through my email receipts to pull this data together.

Since 2014, I have spent $1,833.56 on Amazon Smile purchases, which means $9.17 was donated to Roswell Park. I’ll admit. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more.

But when I looked at all of our Amazon purchases in the last 2 years, we actually spent $5,067.09, which would have been $25.34 for Roswell. So clearly, we need to be better about ALWAYS using Amazon Smile.

The take away

$25 may not seem like a lot, but if everyone who uses Amazon instead used Amazon Smile, think of how quickly that money would add up for charity.

For example, my son’s school recently did a Box Tops for Education campaign. Our family only donated about 20 Box Tops, which is only $2. But with a school of about 500 kids, they were able to raise $4,000.

Think about it.

The visit, select your favorite charity, and start shopping!

This blog is not affiliated with Amazon or Amazon Smile. They did not ask me to write this post. I just wanted to support a program that I believe in.

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  1. This is so awesome. I've seen the logo before but was never 100% sure what it was. Searching for my favorite charities right now so I remember to do this next time I order something. Thank you! And I think I've mentioned before that I'm a Buffalo native, too, so it's awesome to see the support for Roswell Park.

    1. Yay. Glad someone else can start using this service. I don't remember how I found out about it, but Amazon doesn't promote it enough. And, yes, I remember that you're from Buffalo. Roswell is amazing! I'm so glad my parents were living in Buffalo when my dad got sick.

  2. The school I teach at was just recently added to the possible choices for Amazon Smile, so I'm excited to start helping them out through this program. Good for you for helping out an organization you're passionate about.

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