Book Review: Kindred Spirits (YA) & Giveaway

Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

Goodread Summary:
‘Everybody likes everything these days. The whole world is a nerd.’
‘Are you mad because other people like Star Wars? Are you mad because people like me like Star Wars?’ 

If you broke Elena’s heart, Star Wars would spill out. So when she decides to queue outside her local cinema to see the new movie, she’s expecting a celebration with crowds of people who love Han, Luke and Leia just as much as she does. What she’s not expecting is to be last in a line of only three people; to have to pee into a collectible Star Wars soda cup behind a dumpster or to meet that unlikely someone who just might truly understand the way she feels. Kindred Spirits is an engaging short story by Rainbow Rowell, author of the bestselling Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Carry On, and is part of a handful of selected short reads specially produced for World Book Day.


This book was given away free in the UK on World Book Day earlier this month. Because I couldn’t stand to miss out on a Rainbow Rowell book, I ordered a copy on Book Depository. When the package arrived, instead of one copy, it contained 50! 
I’m giving away 10 copies to my readers (U.S. entries only please) using the Rafflecopter below. I would give away more, but postage. I’ll be donating the remaining copies to my local library and maybe to some of the area schools.

My Review:
This story was so nerdy. I loved it! Rainbow Rowell is known for including nerd references in her books because she’s a self-professed nerd herself. But this story is 100% geeky.

Elena is camping out for the midnight showing of the newest Star Wars movie. She’s a HUGE Star Wars fan because of her dad. She’s seen pictures of when he camped out for the prequels 10 years before, so she has very high expectations of the experience. She’s imagining huge crowds, Star Wars costumes, finding her people, etc. The actual line includes only two other people. Troy has camped out for every Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back, and Gabe is a newbie like her.

I won’t say anymore because it’s a novella – only 62 pages, so there isn’t much to the story. But it will appeal to anyone who has loved anything passionately. It speaks to the heart of fandoms everywhere. I especially loved Gabe’s comments about nerd culture now being mainstream.

Find it. Read it. You’ll love it.

Enter my giveaway below to win your own copy.

My Rating: 5 stars
Understand my ratings.

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  1. WHAT??? Rainbow Rowell came out with a new book and I didn't hear about it? Sign me up, please! And thank you so much for doing this giveaway! (per our first conversation, I am finally reading Winter!)

    1. It's only a short story – 62 pages. When I heard it was only available in the UK, I looked all over the internet to see where I could buy it. The original site I tried to buy it from canceled my order (probably because they don't ship to the US). So I was very happy to find Book Depository. And greatly surprised when I received 50 copies of the book! I hope you win a copy. Enjoy Winter!

    1. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan either, but I am a SUPER nerd over Harry Potter. And my husband and I camped out overnight for the WiiU release, so this story brought back some fun memories of our experiences in the line.

  2. This sounds awesome! I had no idea Rainbow Rowell was coming out with a new story. I definitely have to check this out. Thanks for the giveaway šŸ™‚

  3. 50 Copies? Holy cow! High School libraries would be a great place to drop some off. I have not read Winter and not sure if I will. I also have read any Rainbow Rowell yet….. I know….. but the to read pile is miles high!

    1. I'm giving some to a teacher at my niece's middle school. You need to get to Rainbow Rowell soon. She is awesome! šŸ˜‰

      I was wondering why everyone kept commenting about Winter, and then I realized I copied this Rafflecopter set up from my Winter giveaway. Haha. I changed the comment question to be about Rainbow Rowell now.

  4. I've loved Rowell's FanGirl and can't wait to read this one! I'm definitely a Star Wars nerd, and even more so in the last few months since the new movie came out. Even my 5 and 3 year old girls saw the original movie, and have checked out almost every kid's Star Wars book from the library. šŸ™‚

    1. Awesome! I hope you win a copy. The new Star Wars was SO good. My husband and I went twice – once alone and once with our 5 year old. We almost went a third time. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

  5. This story sounds super cute! I really enjoyed Eleanor and Park, and I can't wait to read Landline which I have in my possession but am waiting until I can read it all in one sitting.

    1. I need to read Landline again. I can't remember it very well. It's the only book of hers I haven't re-read, other than Carry On which is the newest. Kindred Spirits is adorable! I think you'll enjoy it.

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