Things getting me through the winter

Today I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share the list of things that are saving my life right now. Primarily those things that are helping me survive the cold winter (although honestly it hasn’t been too bad for Wisconsin). The worst cold is coming this month most likely, so I’m relying on these things to get me through.


Books and blankets

We keep our house pretty warm, but I am ALWAYS cold. My favorite activity in winter is to curl up on the couch with a good book and a warm blanket. (Well, my favorite activity all year round is reading, and the cold weather and the blankets just make it more cozy.)


Warm Sweaters

I am allergic to wool, so I’m stuck wearing thick cotton sweaters to keep warm on work days. Our office has been pretty cold until very recently. I only have two really warm sweaters, so I’ve been washing and wearing them every week. Both are kind of in rough shape, and I really need to get some new clothes, but for now, being warm is my top priority.

The other 2 days of the week I usually wear a turtleneck sweater. Sometimes with a fleece over top because warmth is way more important than looks in my opinion. Again, my wardrobe needs help, but for now I’m making do with what I have.



On Fridays (jeans days at work) and on the weekends, I’ve been living in my hoodies. Again, they’re not very stylish, but they are warm both inside and outside of the house.


My fuzzy boots

I finally bought some skinny jeans this fall, and then I found some super cute fuzzy boots on sale at Target. I love these boots! They’re so comfortable and warm. I wear them on the weekend with my jeans and hoodies, and I am super toasty!


The garage

Living in Wisconsin has been so much better since having a house with an attached garage. Granted I have lived in such a house for almost 10 years, but it doesn’t get old. Every winter I truly appreciate my garage. It eliminates the need to scrape my car (at least in the mornings), and it keeps the car from getting too, too cold.

What’s helping you get through the winter?

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  1. This is such a timely post – we're in the middle of a winter storm warning here in Denver 🙁 For me – books (of course), warm sweaters, hoodies, blankets, smartwool socks, my hooded down jacket, and my Sorel winter boots. You are so lucky to have a two car garage! We have a one car, for which I am plenty thankful – but we have to take turns using it 😛

    1. We're supposed to be getting some more snow tomorrow. Originally they were saying it would be a lot, but I don't think that's going to happen. Yay!

      Yes, the 2 car garage is key! Luckily a lot of houses around here have them. My husband almost never drives because he works from home, so if we had a 1 car garage, he'd be the one stuck outside. 🙂

  2. Somehow our attached garage became my husband's permanent workshop and although this annoys me to no end during the winter, it means that broken appliances get fixed and furniture / storage ideas often become realities so I try not to pout too much when I have to scrape my car off each morning.

    1. Haha. Jim had his shop in the garage for a while too. This fall he moved it to the basement. It's working much better down there because he can still use it in the winter. We were still parking in the garage in past winters.

  3. You're going to want to hop in a car and drive to Canada just to pinch me but right now our temperatures are in the 50's. Yes, I'm not lying. It is 55 degrees right now! My neighbor is in a tank top — which is a bit much — but she is out there raking leaves!
    You're allergic to wool? Oh man. Do you get a rash? I love those boots! And I live in skinny jeans. I resisted them for so long but eventually I got them. I actually love jeggings the best because they're a cross between jeans and yoga pants — so comfy!
    I hope you're keeping warm. I'll try to send some of our warmth your way!

    1. It was 45 here on Monday. Now back to 30, which is actually perfect winter weather. I really can't complain. This year has been so mild.

      Wool just makes me itchy – eyes, skin. 🙁

      Yes! I am LOVING my boots. I resisted skinny jeans for a long time too, but I love the pair I found at Clothes Mentor. Honestly, why did I wait so long?!?

      I really need to try leggings. They do look SO comfy. I just need some longer sweaters, so my butt's not completely hanging out. 🙂

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