Month in review: February

February was another good month although it went by way to quickly. Jim had a long business trip in the middle of the month, so it felt like the beginning of the month was anticipating the trip. Then he was gone for 9 days, and once he was back and we were recovered, the month was ending.

– I finished 11 books this month (2 audio, 6 paper, 3 Kindle). Three were eARCs.
– I listened to a book by one of the authors from my new author challenge, but I didn’t read my re-read challenge book. I’ll have to catch up in March.
– I enjoyed my YA Book Club, but my Moms Book Club meeting was canceled this month.

– I caught up on a lot of my work due to some multi-day meetings involving other people that left me alone most of the month. It was pretty nice.
– I’ve been having a lot of fun getting to know my newish co-worker better. That’s making work a lot more enjoyable.

– I went to the gym 7 times this month. Not as good as last month, but I think I’ve figured out a weekly workout routine that I’ll be starting this week. I’m pretty happy about that, and I’m hopeful that I can stick to it.
– I started eating low carb again this month, and although it was quite challenging at times, I’m feeling very good about the change. And we’re rediscovering some of our low carb dishes.

– Christopher has started reading the Hey, Jack and Bille B. Brown chapter books recommended by Sheila @ The Deliberate Reader. We LOVE them. He completed his 6 hours of reading and will receive a free ticket to Six Flags.
– I went to see my nephew’s high school play. He was the assistant director of Once Upon a Mattress which I’d never seen. I really enjoyed it.
– Christopher celebrated his 100th day of kindergarten

Christopher selected 100 Pokemon for his 100 day shirt.

– Christopher passed the swim test at The Princeton Club, so he can now use the water slide, which was big excitement and kind of blew me away. Then he passed two levels of swim lessons, so obviously having lessons in the deep pool is helping.
– We celebrated Jim’s mom’s birthday mid-month, and we got to see the whole family and play some games. And Christopher got to trade Shopkins with his cousin, Claire.

Claire and Christopher trading Shopkins.

– We resumed our monthly game nights after taking off in January. We had an especially fun time this month because we had a lot of new games we purchased after our gaming weekend with our cruise friends.
– I started watching The Fosters again. I love that show!
– Christopher attended his best friend’s birthday party, and he got to see their third musketeer who we haven’t seen since last summer.

Isaiah, Rell, and Christopher at Rell’s birthday party.

– We went to see A Little Critter Musical at First Stage children’s theater in downtown Milwaukee. As usual, the production was wonderful.
– We attended a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game on Valentine’s Day with Christopher’s friend and his family. We had a great time. Christopher is still asking to play hockey. We’ll see.
– Christopher and I traveled to Baltimore/Philadelphia to visit my cousin and my sister while Jim was in CA for work. We had a fun trip despite ALL of the fighting between the kids. It’ll get better as they get older, right?

Cousins! Cece, Andy, and Christopher squeezed into the backseat of a Honda Accord.

– Our bathtub started leaking again, so we need to figure out what to do about that. For now, we’re just not using it anymore.
– New neighbors just moved in next door after the house has been empty for 3 years. They have two girls – 6 and 9. Christopher befriended them immediately. I’m so excited to have more kids in the neighborhood.

March means spring break and FL! Harry Potter, here we come. I cannot wait!

How was your month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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