YA trope I’m sick of

Last month I did the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag, and I couldn’t think of a popular book trope that I’m sick of. This past week I finally came up with one!

Well, it’s less of a trope and more of a character element, but I’m going to share it anyway.

Chuck Taylors.

Seriously, do authors think teenagers don’t wear any other type of shoe? I was reading two books last week that mentioned characters wearing these shoes. One guy. One girl.
I didn’t even know what a Chuck Taylor was until after reading The Fault in Our Stars. I had to Google it to find out that that even meant Converse All Star. Who actually calls them Chuck Taylors? Am I the only one who wasn’t aware of this term?
That’s it. End brief rank.

But am I curious. When did this trend start? Has anyone else noticed the overuse of this shoe in YA books?

Side Notes:

1. There’s actually a book about the phenomenon of Chucks. Perhaps I should read this book.

2. There’s a YA book with a character named Chuck Taylor. I may need to check this book too.

And that’s the end of my weirdest post yet. 🙂

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  1. Haha! I recently read about three books where they were the shoe of choice for the MC. It's insane how widely used they are. I know a lot of people do wear them, but I don't think as many as these books imply lol.

  2. We had German exchange students in the early 90s who went to the store specifically looking for Chuck Taylors at the cheap American prices – that was the first I'd heard of them by that name. My favorite obscure pop culture reference to them (not something I feel we need lots of, really) is in the song "Transparent" by the wizard rock band the Moaning Myrtles – here's a video: https://youtu.be/ZG4pd78Igj0

    1. Oh, so maybe it's a European thing, calling them Chuck Taylors. Interesting.

      I love that video! So cute. I think the guys at the beginning in the cupboard under the stairs are the DeGeorge brothers from Harry and the Potters. I saw them at NerdCon. They're adorable! Are you a fan of wizard rock? I didn't even know that was a thing until I saw Harry and the Potters.

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