Commitment as motivation

I’m the type of person that needs deadlines to get things done. If I have to write something for work that needs to be reviewed by other people, I schedule the review meeting, so that I then have a deadline. I just work better under pressure.

So in that vein, I have made two commitments related to my goals for the year.

SEO class

Starting last year my county’s library system started offering free attendance to Gale Courses, which are essential adult education classes. I kind of forgot about them until Tuesday of this week. I happened to be on the library website (which I visit at least every other day, let’s be honest), when I saw the logo on the home page.

Early Tuesday morning I published my post about goals where I sort of added in learning SEO as a last minute goal. And I mentioned taking a class. And then I saw the logo and thought, they probably have a Gale Course about SEO. Sure enough. They do! And a bunch of other interesting topics, such as Word Press and Google Analytics.

This morning I registered for the first online session which starts next week. It runs for 6 weeks with two topics per week, but you have 2 weeks to complete the topics/quizzes/assignments. And then you have 2 weeks at the end to take the exam. Yup! There’s an exam.

But I think having committed to this course will actually make me spend the time to learn SEO. Two people have already warned me that this community course won’t teach me everything about SEO. And it changes so often. I’m not worried about learning everything. I’d just like to know more. And it’ll hopefully motivate me to do some additional learning on my own (maybe).

I’m pretty excited about it!

Obstacle Race

Over Thanksgiving weekend my sister mentioned meeting up somewhere new to do a race. She was thinking Tough Mudder. We were originally fantasizing about Whistler, British Columbia with a side trip to Banff National Park. It would have been awesome!

We quickly came down from that dream and then settled on the Kentucky Tough Mudder in June, which is equidistant between our two houses (7.5 hours each). We could visit Cincinnati and Louisville and my mom would come to watch the kids. Only Jim was realistic about the fact that none of us are in good enough shape for a 10-12 mile race with 20-some obstacles.

This week we adjusted our goal closer to reality. We’re now all 4 registered to participate in the Savage Race in Pennsylvania in June. The race is 5 miles, and it’s only an hour away from Emily and Jeff’s house. We can stay there, and maybe some of their friends will even join our team. Jim is still a little apprehensive, and I’m a bit worried about mud and my glasses.

But how crazy (fun!) do those obstacles look?! How amazing will it feel to complete this race?

And now I have some awesome motivation to work out the next 6 months and get into shape.

What things have you already committed to for 2016? Do you need events or deadlines to help motivate yourself? Do you live near Philly and want to join our Savage Race team?

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