YA Book Club: December Recap

B-Dubs and Christmas gifts for our December book club meeting.

Wednesday night was YA book club night. Since it’s December we exchanged a few Christmas presents this time. I bought copies of My True Love Gave to Me for Annie and Sarah. I thought it would be a fun read, and it could introduce us to new authors for book club next year. I will be borrowing a copy from the library, so I can read it too.

Sarah & Annie opening their books. I love Sarah’s smile in this pic.

Annie got us “Smacks, Snacks, & Socks”. My gift was a candycane lip gloss, a bunch of nuts (my favorite snack), and cute Christmas socks. Sarah got the same only chocolate instead of nuts.

My gifts from Annie. Yum!

The Book
I picked this month’s book. I’d had The 5th Wave on my TBR list since August 2014. With the movie coming out in January, I thought I should finally read it. And by making it a book club book, then Sarah, Annie, and I could go see the movie together – maybe with our boys too.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The Venue
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which you may remember is one of my favorite restaurants. I got my usual: the crispy chicken wrap with medium Buffalo sauce, chips (no salsa), and Redd’s apple ale.

Annie got her usual too: boneless wings and carrots (no celery).

And Sarah had a chicken bacon sandwich with chips and salsa.

The Book Discussion
I really enjoyed the book, as did Sarah. We loved the readers of the Audible version of the audiobook. Unfortunately, the readers of the CD version that Annie listened too were really annoying (the girl) and painful (the guy), so she didn’t enjoy it as much.

Sarah and I both thought the book was too similar to The Host by Stephanie Meyer to deserve 5 stars. Sarah loved that Cassie and Ben both go back for Sammy in the end. I had my mind blown when I found out that Ben in the book is Ben Parish who Cassie was crushing on at school. I’m not why I didn’t put that together initially…most likely because I was listening while working. Oops. Some confusion ensued when I messaged that to Annie on Facebook because her husband is also named Ben, and she thought I meant her Ben was like Ben Parish. All kinds of shenanigans there.

I’m trying to get Jim to read the book. Annie’s Ben listened to some of it with her and enjoyed the story. We’re scheming to all go see the movie perhaps the weekend after it comes out.

Annie – 2 stars
Sarah – 4 stars
Me – 4 stars

The Non-Book Discussion
In addition to book talk and gift exchanging, we talked about…

– Christmas plans and family drama
– Co-workers: a certain over-sharing man at my work, Sarah’s work bestie being on maternity leave
– Our boys
– How rude it is to play on one’s phone while in the company of others (i.e. out to dinner)
– Favorite movies & comedians
– How British accents and certain older/period movies make Annie HOT
– Annie’s class ring, it’s missing stone, and the extremely long wait to get it fixed

Did you read the book along with us this month?

Do you want to join us next month?

We’ll be reading The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett for our next meeting on Wednesday, January 20th.

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