Christmas Ornament Stories: Volume 1

I loved this post by Katie at Cakes, Tea and Dreams on Friday. So since we decorated our tree on Saturday morning, I decided to showcase some of our ornaments and share their stories.

Christopher made this ornament at daycare in 2011, so he was only 20 months old. I think it was supposed to be a ball shape, but it didn’t quite work out. I love it anyway.

My friend Janelle bought me this bowling mouse in 7th grade (or maybe 8th). I am a big nerd, and I bowled on a league every Saturday from age 7 until age 14 or so. I enjoyed sharing this ornament with Christopher this year since he now likes bowling.

This ornament is one of the first that Jim bought for me. It matches my own red suitcase that my mother bought for me when I began traveling for work in 2004. It’s completely random as far as ornaments go, but I love it.

I bought this ornament for Jim many years ago because he enjoys playing poker, and I thought it was too cute to pass up.

This may be the only ornament I’ve bought for myself. It’s from the Lang Store I think. I love all of their ornaments, but snowmen are my favorite. This one caught my eye about 10 years ago, and I had to have it.

All throughout my childhood my sister, my cousins (Sara & Anne), and I would put on plays for the family at Thanksgiving. And then in 2000 we made everyone participate (my parents, my aunt and uncle, my brothers, Emily’s friends). In 2001 we recorded The Wizard of Oz, and I played the Tinman. Jim wasn’t around then, but he loves watching the video and teasing me about it. So he bought me this ornament a few years ago.

I bought this ornament for Jim in 2011 because he loves baking. He makes the best oatmeal, craisin, walnut cookies! And I love the creativity of this snowflake style ornament.

Christopher made this ornament at daycare in 2013 when he was 3.5 years old. It’s his hand print turned into 5 snowmen. It’s definitely the best daycare gift we’ve ever gotten.

Do you like to collect Christmas ornaments? Do you have a favorite?

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    1. Christmas ornaments are my favorite gifts each year – to give and to get. Homemade ones are always great. I love how different everyone's trees are. They're so personal. šŸ™‚

      Sports team, huh? Who do you cheer for?

  1. This is cute! What a fun idea for a post. I love the ornaments that Christopher made, especially the non-ball! LOL. I have this HUUUGE ornament that's a big cardboard picture frame with a photo of me from 1996 or something – Kindergarten – that I always insist my mom still hang on the tree. No idea why, but it's my favorite.

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