Painting: Before and After

A few weeks ago, I posted that we had our house painted. We finally have things put back together, so I can share before and after pictures.

Family Room (aka TV Room)

Before                                                    After

We had the wallpaper removed (below the chair rail), and we bought a new sectional couch. We still need to get a new coffee table and end table for in here, but I love the red wall and the new couch so much already. We’ll get something up on the wall at some point too.

You can’t see it in the pictures, but we also got a new Roman shade for this room. We had been using a hot pink blanket to cover the window to make the room dark enough for watching movies and playing video games during the day. Luckily it was over top of some vertical blinds, so it wasn’t visible from outside. But now the window looks MUCH better on the inside too.

Living Room

Before                                                         After

Do those couches look familiar? We have lived in this house for 3 years, but we couldn’t decide how to use the living room space. The couches work well grouped around the fireplace. I have been reading in there a lot, and I hosted book club in there last night. It’s so nice to use this space more than once a month for game night. That’s what the table was set up for in the “before” picture. We used the playroom in October for game night, but I think we’ll be using the sunroom going forward, so Christopher doesn’t loose his space.


Before                                                     After

Not much change in here other than the wall color. Christopher’s favorite color is yellow, and he was disappointed we didn’t paint his bedroom yellow since Jim and I both got our favorite colors upstairs last winter. I promised the playroom could be yellow. I think this buttery color works well, and it looks good with the other colors we picked out. I have some cute new art for in this room, but I need to buy frames and get everything up on the walls.

Downstairs Bathroom

Before                                                  After

We changed the colors in here, and we got new hardware: faucet, light, towel/TP racks, and doorknobs. Unfortunately I took the “before” picture after the faucet had already been replaced. The old one was from 1986 – very ugly. I love how much nicer this room looks. We need to get a picture up in here too. Someday.


Before                                                  After 

This room is Jim’s office since he works from home. We are waiting for the new shades to come, so he can get those up and then set up his desk. He’s been working upstairs in his old office for the last few weeks. But he can’t move in here until we have a way to block the sun in the mornings.

We still have more work to do, but I am SO happy with how everything turned out!

What house projects do you need to do? Do you have any scheduled for this winter?

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  1. Wow. I love it!! It really opens up the room.
    We are planning on finally converting the "baby room" to a computer room. We have long decided that we will no longer be having any more children but it was a sore spot for us. So we kind of just shut the baby room door and left it as is.
    Well it's time to do something with it. My husband said I need a proper writing space and that's going to be my room.

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