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I’m nearing the end of Winter, so I thought I better put this post together before the excitement is over. My review of Winter will be up on Monday with a giveaway. If you haven’t had a chance to buy the book yet, check back on Monday to try to win a copy.

These games were put together by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide as part of The Lunar Chronicles Read Along. I enjoyed reading both Brittany’s answers and Lauren’s over at Bookmark Lit.

Lunar Chronicles MASH

I had completely forgotten about this game…and how to play. Luckily Brittany included the rules. I picked the number 5. If you’ve also forgotten the rules, you start with the first item in the first category, Prince Kai, and count to the 5th name (Winter) and cross it off. Then start with the next item, Scarlett, and keep going until you only have one item left in each category.

I’m a little bummed I got Thorne. Maybe I should have done Kiss Marry Kill first. I’d be best friends with any of the girls. I love them all. I’ll talk being royal and living in Africa and knowing a lot of stuff about cyborg parts. I don’t know how I’d travel by satellite though. Oh well.

Kiss Marry Kill

I was hoping to marry Prince Kai in MASH, so I’ll go with this arrangement:

Kiss Wolf
Marry Kai
Kill Thorne

I was sort of torn about the guys until starting Winter. I really liked Wolf when I read Scarlett, but Kai has grown on me more and more, and I think he’d make a much better husband than Wolf. Thorne is just too cocky and annoying, so I’d have to kill him.


Roll your real Scattegories die or pick your own letter and find words to match the following clues. I followed Lauren’s example and picked the first letter of my name: K.

1. A Character’s Name: Kai
2. A place in the book: Kesley’s House (that’s kind of cheating, but I’m going with it)
3. A piece of technology or scientific data: ??? (a little help please, leave a comment if you’ve got something for this category)
4. Occupation/Character role: king (of Luna)

Character Personality Quiz

I took the quiz over on Brittany’s blog, and I got…

JACIN. I’ll take it! I’m really enjoying his character in Winter. He wasn’t really developed much before then.

Lunar Chronicles Book Tag

I posted my responses to this tag earlier this month.

Are you a fan of this series? My co-workers thought I was crazy for skipping our work dinner to go buy the book and read in my hotel room. I tried to explain, but if you’re not a nerd or a fan of things, I just don’t think you can understand the need to have the book ASAP.

This was fun. Thanks, Brittany!

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