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This tag was created by Brittany at the Book Addict’s Guide. Since I’m participating in The Lunar Chronicles Read Along, I figured I better do this tag.

CINDER | The cyborg
a book that’s often misunderstood or under-appreciated

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

I love this book! I have read it three times, and I’m sure I’ll read it a bunch more. It’s the perfect book for people born in 1980, like me. In the story Josh and Emma, age 16, get an AOL Online disk and find a portal to their Facebook pages when they’re 30 years old. It’s cute and fun, and it seems like no one else has read this book.

I picked it because I rated it 5 stars, but it’s average rating on Goodreads is 3.57. Clearly it’s under-appreciated. Probably because kids today don’t get it. But I do! If you’re my age and you had AOL Online in HS, check it out.

KAI | The prince
a book about royals/royalty

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I loved this book. It’s about the royal Silvers and how Mare is thrust into their midst by accident. I enjoyed her character and both princes so much. I can’t wait for the sequel!

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ADRI | The evil stepmother
a book with a horrible/cringe-worthy parent

A Little in Love by Susan Fletcher

Both of Eponine’s parents are pretty awful people and the worst parents. They force her to steal for everyone at their hotel. Her mother abandons her little brother right after he’s born. She leaves him to die! It doesn’t get much worse than that.

I’m a huge Les Mis fan, so I loved this book.

Read my full review.

IKO | The spunky sidekick
a book with your favorite happy-go-lucky character

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Levi has a smile for everyone. Cath gives him a hard time about it constantly. He is such a happy person. He is so positive and delightful all of the time.

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SCARLET | The rescuer
a book with a character on a mission

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I was torn between Katniss and Tris, but I went with Katniss because The Hunger Games trilogy was the first dystopian series that really sucked me in. I love these books so much!

Katniss’ mission evolves from just trying to save her sister in book 1 to trying to save the whole of Panem in book 3. Love it!

WOLF | The fighter
a book with a brutal fight (with words or fists)

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

This is the first book that came to mind. I actually really disliked this book (1 Star – rare for me) because of all the fighting Travis did. And because of the incredibly unhealthy relationship between Abby and Travis.

LEVANA | The villain
a book with the absolute worst villain

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’m sorry. Amy Dunne is the worst villain I have ever read about. She is crazy and horrible. And I know many people love this book, but I couldn’t stand it. I can’t even believe I finished reading it. Nick isn’t a great person either, but wow. Amy tops all other villains for me.

THRONE | The rascal
a book with the biggest schmoozer

Second Life by S.J. Watson

Throne is a loveable schmoozer, Lukas is a sleeze, but he’s the best I could come up with. He is able to con Julia into a lot of stuff. I really hated him!

Read my full review.

CRESS | The hacker
a book about technology, or sci-fi

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

I don’t read a lot of sci-fi, so this was a tricky category. This lesser known book by Dan Brown is about a data encryption algorithm. My husband, a computer programmer, has told me the science isn’t very sound, but I love it anyway. I have listened to this book several times. I love the suspense and the characters.

ERLAND | The doctor
a book with an illness or revolving around medical issues

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova

It was hard to pick just one book for this category. I read a lot of books about illnesses. I read this one most recently, and I loved it! Lisa Genova amazed me with her ability to step inside the mind of child with autism. Wow! Read it. You won’t regret it.

Read my full review.

WINTER | The unsound mind
a book with the craziest character you’ve ever read

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

I don’t know about craziest ever, but the guy who abducts Annie in this book is pretty insane. He thinks he can force her into living this perfect life with him up in the mountains. This book is amazing and disturbing at the same time.

JACIN | The soldier
a book with a military theme

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

I’m a pacifist and not at all a fan of the military or military stories, so this book was the only one I could think of. I love Nicholas Sparks’ books, and I’ve read them all, so of course I’ve read this book even though it’s about a solider. It’s romantic and tragic as all Sparks’ books are.

I tag Jen at The Critic and The Fangirl, Cassi at My Thoughts…Literally!, and anyone else who would like to do this tag.

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