Kid Lit: Let’s Count to 100!

Let’s Count to 100! by Masayuki Sebe

Goodreads Summary:
Let’s Count to 100 comprises 11 bright panoramas, each featuring a delightful assortment of 100 different objects. Readers are invited to count the items and are also challenged to find specific details, such as a mouse with a red bow or a lone rabbit amid a giant flock of sheep. This book is packed with appealing images of children, fish, cats, moles and other cute critters — no two of which are alike — and readers will enjoy the many different moods and expressions on display. Each spread is also full of hidden dramas youngsters will love discovering for themselves, such as a hungry piranha poised to take a nibble of an elephant’s pink trunk. Kids will also like spotting how each scene, such as a meandering stream or a bustling cityscape, visually connects to the one that came before and the one that follows.

Christopher picked out this book on our last trip to the library, and he checked it out with his new library card. We left the library that trip with 25 books. I literally had to drag him away from the children’s department. I felt bad, but we can only read so many books in three weeks, ya know. This book was the very last. His final plea for “just one more book.” I’m glad I gave in. We finally read this book last night.

My Thoughts:
Christopher and I both enjoyed this book. I love math books, and this one was no exception. Instead of a simple counting book, this book features 100 items on each page. And rather than count to 100 on each page, which would have driven me crazy, there were challenges on each page, i.e. How many ants are carrying a piece of candy? And on some pages the items were colored in groups of 10 items of each color, so we got to practice counting by 10s as well. It was a nice review and reinforcement of counting. And it was so fun!

The best part is that on the last page of the book there are specific items you have to go back through the book and find. We really enjoyed that part. Some of them were kind of tricky as the image was superimposed or flipped upside within the actual book pages.

I’m not sure I’d buy this book because it might not be as fun after a couple of times reading it through (unless your child is still learning to count to 100). But it was a great library find. There are others in the series, so we may need to get some of those.

My Rating: 5 Stars

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