Fiction Friday #3: Whistling Tune

I’m in my third week of Fiction Friday, and I am really enjoying this creative challenge. So far my “stories” have all had some basis in truth. This story is very real. It happened at our dinner table a couple of weeks ago. But it’s still good practice with writing, right?

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As they sat down for dinner, Joel began whistling. Beth vaguely recognized the tune, and for once Gabe didn’t ask his father to stop. It annoyed Joel that Gabe didn’t appreciate his singing and whistling anymore. When Gabe was a baby, Joel’s singing was the only thing that calmed him when he was colicky. When had that changed? Why was Gabe so bothered by the singing now?

Joel whistled a few more notes, and then Gabe jumped up from the table. He wasn’t allowed to leave during dinner, so Joel abruptly stopped, about to scold Gabe. Gabe must have sensed it because he quickly said, “Wait! I just need to get something.” And then he dashed off to his playroom.

Beth could hear him moving his toys around. She looked questioning at Joel, who seemed as stunned as she was by this sudden outburst.

Gabe returned a minute later with a toy piano. It was red plastic with brightly colored keys. It was one of those electronic toys that drives parents crazy. A hand-me-down from an older cousin, it was something Joel and Beth would never have bought for Gabe.

Gabe quickly began pushing buttons until he found the song he was looking for, the same song Joel had been whistling. How did he do that? Beth wondered. Joel’s face lit up as he realized what Gabe had done.

Joel and Gabe began discussing the song, bonding over their shared musical ability. Beth stared at them in amazement. She was practically tone deaf. Since the time Gabe was born she had been hoping he’d get Joel’s family’s talent instead of her own family’s utter lack of musical skill. This moment proved that he had.

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