YA Book Club: October 2015

I’m a little behind on posting this recap. Last Wednesday night was the October meeting of my YA book club. I also only took one picture this time.

We were all a bit tired I think. Annie was getting over a cold, I was exhausted from prepping our house for the painter, Sarah and I were both catching up on sleep after NerdCon, and Sarah was stressed about some presentations she had to give at work the next day.

Our meeting this month was pretty short. But as October is Sarah’s birthday month, Annie brought her a present. That was the first order of business. Annie is an awesome gift buyer. She bought Sarah an adult coloring book. So perfect!

Sarah opening her present. Isn’t that card so cute?

The Book
While camping in August, Sarah and I were reviewing the guest list for NerdCon. We hadn’t ever heard of Maureen Johnson, but since she writes YA, we decided to pick one of her books for our book club.  We decided on…

13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

Sarah and I listened to it together on our drive to NerdCon.

The Venue
We went to Bravo! I ordered lobster ravioli. So tasty! Sarah got eggplant Parmesan. And Annie had spaghettinni and meatballs. She thought it was boring, but you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Sarah also got vanilla bean and mocha gelato for dessert.

The Book Discussion
I thought the book was OK. Not great. Sarah and Annie agreed. Annie had originally given it 4 stars on Goodreads because she didn’t want her rating to impact our thoughts on the book since she finished first. After we’d finished, she went back and changed her rating to 3 stars. So at least we all agreed.

Sarah did mention that the more she thinks about the book, the more she likes it because she’s remembering only the good parts. It was cute, but so unrealistic.

Annie thought the pacing was good, but she wasn’t ever anxious to pick up the book when she needed to read it. I think I would have only given it 2 stars if I hadn’t listened to it in only two days. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to keep listening because during my daily commute, it would have taken forever to get through.

Sarah and I both really liked Maureen Johnson when we saw her at NerdCon, so I need to try another one of her books.

The Non-Book Discussion
In addition to the book talk, we also chatted about:

– the democratic debate – I’m the only one who watched it, but I had A LOT to say
The Martian movie – Sarah and Annie both loved it. You know how I felt about the adaptation.
– Daylight savings – we were lamenting how dark it was at only 6:30 PM
– my house being painted and all of the work involved
– traveling to FL in winter – how Sarah left a coat in a cab (“I forgot that coats existed.”) and how I never wear a coat on the airplane when going somewhere warm, no matter how cold it is in Milwaukee

Did you read the book along with us this month?

Do you want to join us next month?

We’ll be reading The Program by Suzanne Young for our next meeting on Wednesday, November 18th.

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