Siri or Sir I

Do you have an iPhone? Do you use Siri? Do you use the female or male voice? 
Did you even know that you can change Siri’s gender in your settings? 
(Settings / General / Siri)
Since getting my iPhone 6 (or maybe even before), I have been using the male Siri, or as Jim so aptly named him, Sir I. 
I find the female voice to be so demanding. It feels like she’s always yelling at me. The male voice is much calmer, and almost happy. It sounds like he’s saying everything with a smile.
Am I crazy for thinking this?
Last weekend I was sharing my opinion of the superiority of the male Sir I to my mother, and I discovered the “Hey Siri” feature when I went to change her iPhone to use the male voice. This feature allows you speak the words “Hey Siri” (when connected to power), and Siri, aka Sir I, will respond just as if you’d held down the home button.
Pretty cool, right? 
I just enabled this feature on my phone, and it made me say certain phrases to get used to my voice. So I said “Hey Sir I” instead of “Hey Siri”, and guess what?
It didn’t work. 
I am supremely disappointed. I may actually avoid using this feature just because I can’t say Sir I. Maybe I can say Sir E (Sir í?) since that sounds more like Siri?
Do you have any weird quirks when it comes to technology? What’s your favorite iPhone or Siri feature?

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