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Christopher started reading this summer, so we’ve been checking out a lot of Easy Readers from the library. I give a lot of credit to people who write Easy Readers. It’s not easy. Beginning readers can’t read many words, so sticking to simple vowel sounds and sight words does not make it easy to create an interesting story.

Here is a list of decent Easy Readers that Christopher has read recently.

What This Story Needs Is a Pig In a Wig by Emma J. Virjan

This story is pretty ridiculous, but it’s cute. It had a funny ending, and it does a good job of telling a story using as many short I words as possible.

The Berenstain Bears’ Big Bear, Small Bear by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Using simple opposite words, this book is a very fun and funny easy read. Christopher and I both laughed out loud when reading it. Some of the words aren’t really sight words, but the drawings made it easy for him to figure out the words he didn’t know.

The Bug In a Jug Wants a Hug: A Short Vowel Sounds Book by Brian P. Cleary & Jason Miskimins

We read this book many times. It was so cute. And silly. Christopher loves rhyming words, as all early readers do, I think. This book created long sentences of rhyming words using various short vowel sounds. And then the illustrations brought them to life. It was just plain fun.

Bears on Wheels by Stan & Jan Berenstain

This book used repetition to make it easy for early readers. It was so simple, but so fun. The counts of bears and wheels changed page by page. It was pretty much non-sense, but it was enjoyable. I liked the mathematical element of the counting. It was more advanced because it wasn’t just the typical sequential counting.

One Hundred Shoes by Charles Ghigna

I confess that I read this one to Christopher both times we read it, but he probably could have read most of it himself (even though it’s Level 2). I really liked the higher counting involved in this story and the introduction of multiplication. Christopher could have counted the shoes in the drawings all day if I had had the patience to let him. Math books are rare, and this was a really simple but fun one.

What have your kids been reading? Do you have any Easy Reader recommendations?

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