My own juvenilia

While I was listening to the guests read their juvenilia at NerdCon, I remembered that I had been co-editor of the literary magazine my senior year of high school. I thought it would be fun to find the books in the basement and share my writing on this blog.

Guess what? I wasn’t published in either the junior or senior year books. Apparently my writing wasn’t very good.

What I did find in one of my memory boxes was this book that my sister and 6 of our friends wrote in elementary school. I’m guessing maybe 4th or 5th grade.

I had 4 stories in the book. They’re all pretty awful. But I thought it would be fun to post one of them. This one is probably the best.

Kristen and the Hidden Treasure
By: Kate Puleo

One day Kristen was playing in the woods and she ran into a cave. On the floor of the cave there was a big X. Then Kristen went home.

The next day Kristen came to the cave with a shouel and dug up the spot where the X was. She found a treasure chest. Kristen took the chest home and showed her mother. Her mother told her to open it. Kristen opened it. It was full of gold and jewels. They were rich.

A week later they went to the store and got a new car and some new clothes. Kristen was happy. And so was her mother.

Kristen’s friend’s birthday was coming up. Kristen gave her some decorations to decorate her house. She gave her a dog for her birthday, but her friend Amanda’s mother would not let her keep it so Kristen said, “I’ll keep it at my house and you can visit it when ever you want to.” That made Amanda happy. Amanda said, “I’ll name it Speckel.” They both thought that was funny. Then Kristen had to go home.

Haha. How random! Here’s a picture of the original typed version. I’m not sure who made the one correction. A teacher? My mother? My sister or I when we were older?

What stories did you write as a child? Do you still have any of them?

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