Month in review: September

September has been a busy month, and, like August, it flew by. Here’s a recap…

– I finished 10 books this month (3 audio, 5 paper, 2 Kindle), including 3 re-reads.
– I’m in the middle of my September book for the 2015 Reading Challenge.
– Sarah, Annie, and I has a fun YA Book Club meeting despite all feeling rather “meh” about our book selection. Next month we’ll be reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson and discussing it on October 14th. Feel free to read along with us.
– I didn’t read any books for my Summer Reading Challenge.

– The month started off well. Then things changed again. I won’t say any more.

– No YMCA or working out, but my tendinitis is getting better, slowly. I’m finished going to the PT for now, but I’m continuing to stretch, ice, and strength at home.
– I’ve been eating healthy for breakfast and lunch (most of the time). And we tried some new low carb recipes earlier in the month.

Christopher started school, and the new routine is going well.
– Soccer has been a lot more fun than I expected. I’m really enjoying the games, and seeing the kids play in games is helping me figure out where we need to focus for our practices.

Left to Right: Charlie, Parker, Christopher, Casey, and Liam.

– Christopher opened his first bank account.
– Christopher’s 6-year molars are coming in on the bottom. His loose tooth is finally really loose, and the big tooth is coming in behind it. I need to make the tooth fairy pillow. For real this time!

Can you see the new tooth coming in behind the old one? 
Left front tooth (from this angle).

– My sister and her family visited for Labor Day weekend. It was a loud and fun time.
– Christopher had off of school on September 21st, so we went to Eau Claire, WI for a long weekend. We met up with my friend, Colleen, and her family for swimming and playing at the Metropolis Resort. It was a cute hotel/waterpark/arcade/activity center that was perfect for our young children, even if it was a little dull for the adults. We had a great time!

Left to Right: Clare, Charlotte, Audrey, and Christopher.

– I got to go to Maryland for my cousin Ben’s wedding. I love my family! Jim is in Barcelona right now for work, so he missed out. And Christopher enjoyed his weekend at home with his favorite babysitter.

Clockwise starting from bottom left: Laura, me, Anne, Emily, and Sara.

– Jim took down the pool. We haven’t talked to anyone from the real pool store, but we’re still hoping to get a real above ground pool next summer.
– We had the ceiling drywall repaired in our living after some lighting work we had done a few months ago. Now it’s all ready for the painter in October.

I’m looking forward to October. I’m ready for fall. I’m excited for the rest of our house to be painted. And I can’t wait for my girls weekend in Minneapolis for NerdCon!

What have you been up to this month? Do you have anything fun planned for next month?

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good month!! Love seeing the soccer pics – my daughter is starting a soccer program on Monday. It is no games just learning the skills but she is excited! NerdCon sounds awesome – hope you have a great time!

    1. Thanks. Christopher did a soccer class like that last summer. It definitely built a good foundation for this summer, but he really likes the games the best. He's so competitive, just like me (and my husband). I'm sure I'll blog about NerdCon after I go. I am so excited!

  2. Sorry to hear about work! I know that feeling and am currently dealing with it too. There will be some changes in our office that I'm aware of, happening next week, but no one else knows. It's uncomfortable!

    1. Oh yeah. No fun! I've been through that at past companies. I'm trying to stay positive. When I can just do my job, it's not bad. But most of the time other people are making that hard to do. This week I've been working from home, and it's been kind of nice. šŸ™‚

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