Life Milestone: Getting a library card

Christopher is very familiar with our public library. I have been taking him to pick out books for the past three years. He loves the library, and he loves books. That makes me so happy.

Picking out library books from the easy reader section.

This past Tuesday the New Berlin Public Library librarians came to his elementary school to make a presentation to the kindergarten classes. The focus of their presentation was on getting your own library card. You are allowed to get one at age 5.

Christopher came home and told me all about it. (That was a first since starting kindergarten.) He wanted to go right then and get his card. Unfortunately for him, I was going out Tuesday night, and the babysitter was set to arrive in 15 minutes.

I promised we’d go right after school on Wednesday. And we did. He was SO excited. He was super chatty in the car, reminding me that we had to find a book without a label already in it. When a child gets a library card, they get to pick out a book, and the librarians will print a nameplate with the date they got their library card, and they put it in the book. Forever! We’d seen a friend’s older brother’s name in a Ninjago book last year, and that was big excitement!

Christopher got out of the car and was practically skipping into the library. It was so cute. We went right to the kids section, and found 13 books he wanted to check out. We selected a Monsters University book to put his name in.

Christopher carrying his books to the checkout counter.

Then we took our stack of books to the checkout counter. Christopher insisted on carrying all of the books himself. I kept the non-easy readers, so he was at least carrying books of the same size. He carried 10. I carried 3.

When we got to the counter, they told us that we should go back to the children’s desk to get his library card because they do more fun stuff there. So we took the Monsters University book back to the kids’ area.

Christopher getting his first library card.

He remembered the librarian from the presentation at school the day before, and he made sure to tell her that he’d been there in the second row. He also told her that he wanted a library card because “books are my favorite!” She was pretty happy about that. And I was so proud!

She filled out the necessary paperwork, asking Christopher for his date of birth (which he knew, even the year), his phone number (which he didn’t know, we’re working on that), and his address (which he knew).

Then he got to sign his library card.

Christopher signing his library card. Look at that nice handwriting!

He did such a good job writing his LONG name in the SMALL box. I was impressed. So was the librarian.

She asked if he’d selected a book for his nameplate or whether he wanted to go pick one out. He changed his mind about the Monsters University book. I think because she said he couldn’t take it home that day. So we went to the new release section, and he picked out this Dirk Bones book instead. We’ll get to pick it up, all labeled, next week.

The book Christopher selected for his name sticker. I was a little disappointed.

The librarian set his selected book aside. Christopher got a bookmark, a canvas bag for carrying his books, and his library card. He loaded up his bag with everything, and we went back to the front counter to check out his books.

The front counter librarian retrieved our stack of books that she’d been holding for us. Christopher handed her the Monsters University book, and she began checking them out.

Checking out his first book with his new library card.

He carefully loaded his books into his new bag one by one. And when we were all finished (and I had checked out my own books), he carried the heavy bag all by himself. All the way to the car.

Christopher carrying his bag of books out of the library.

He held the bag on his lap the whole way home. He told me we were going to read 10 books when we got home.

And then when we got into the house, he prompted abandoned the books for the iPad.

Maybe books are his SECOND favorite.

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    1. Cool! Thanks. I was around that age as well I think. I remember my little girl signature on my card. It wasn't nearly as neat as Christopher's. I tried to erase it when I was 12 or so, and then I wrote over it. Haha.

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