Bookworm Problem: CD Audiobooks

Now that I’ve been listening to audiobooks on Audible and Overdrive, I’ve gotten a little spoiled. Both of those apps allow you to increase the speed of the book, which helps a lot when reading a particularly long or slow moving story.

Recently, I’ve listened two books on CD audio that I struggled to get through. Both Inkheart and The Truth According to Us took me over a month to finish. Oh how I wished I’d been listening to them on Audible or Overdrive, so I could have bumped up the speed to 1.5, or at least 1.25.

I do have a 6-disc CD changer in my car, so I can load up half an audiobook at a time. That at least makes listening and driving easier. I don’t have to load new discs every day. But I just reserved A Game of Thrones from the library on CD audio, and I’m a little nervous about listening to 33 hours at normal speed!

How do you listen to audiobooks? Do you increase the speed when using Audible, Overdrive, or other audiobook apps?

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  1. Dude, I've been having this SAME problem! I was attempting to listen to Lois Lowry's Son, but it's just not very engaging… and I was SO frustrated that I couldn't bump it up to 1.25 (my preferred listening speed). So I turned it back in at the library, and got on the waitlist for the e-book. šŸ˜›

  2. I wish I could speed them up and not notice the difference! I always get frustrated with slow-talking narrators, but for some reason I just can't deal with the sped-up sounding voice either. Because I KNOW it's sped up, the person's voice sounds too funny for me and I end up switching back to regular speed.

    1. Haha. It is an adjustment. I find that 1.25 is the best speed for me because I can't notice the difference, except that it doesn't seem slow any more. My brain takes a little while to adjust though.

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