Adjusting to a new schedule

We’re into the third week of school. It’s going fairly well. The excitement of starting kindergarten hasn’t worn off yet.

We’re gotten ourselves into a good routine.

Morning Routine
Our mornings look like this…

6:15 AM – I wake up, shower, get dressed. Sometimes Christopher comes in to go potty, but then he goes back to sleep or goes to watch the iPad in his room.

7:00 AM – Christopher’s alarm goes off. He gets dressed and comes downstairs for breakfast.

7:05 AM – I pack lunches (mine and Christopher’s), make my breakfast, and make Christopher’s breakfast. Then we eat together.

7:15 AM – Jim wakes up, showers, dresses, comes downstairs, and has breakfast.

7:20 AM – I do my stretching and exercises for my tendinitis. I’ll be happy when this part of the routine is over.

7:25 AM – Christopher plays video games or watches TV after finishing breakfast.

7:30 AM – I leave for work. That’s the goal time anyway. It hasn’t always happened.

7:55 AM – Jim gets Christopher ready to go meet the bus. They go outside to wait.

8:05 AM – Christopher boards the bus. Jim starts work (at home).

Afternoon Routine
Here’s what we’ve been doing after school…

4:00 PM – Jim goes outside to meet the bus.

4:05 PM – Christopher gets off the bus, they get the mail, and they come inside. Jim settles him in at the kitchen table with a snack and the iPad, and he goes back to work.

4:45 PM – I get home from work, check in with Christopher, change my clothes, and do my stretching/exercises.

5:00 PM – Jim finishes with work. One of us starts dinner. Last night Jim cooked, and it made the whole schedule go so much faster.

5:15 PM – Once dinner is underway, Christopher and I do his homework. He has been getting one simple activity, i.e. write the letters Aa-Ee 5 times, count as high as you can, etc. And I’ve been adding some reading practice with sight word flash cards.

5:30 PM – Dinner.

6:00 PM – Free play, video games, soccer practice, etc.

7:30 PM – Bath time on Sundays and Thursday.

8:00 PM – One of us puts Christopher to bed. Jim – Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesday. Me – Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

8:15 PM – Jim and I relax! He plays video games and I read, or we watch TV together.

What tricks do you have for getting out the door on time in the morning? How do you handle homework in the afternoon? As a new school-age mom, I welcome all tips!

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