Top Ten Tuesday: My Most Read Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is “top ten authors we’ve read the most books from”.

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday as I was finally able to think of ten items that matched the topic.

My younger years…

1) Ann M. Martin

Like many other young readers in the late 80s and early 90s, I read A LOT of Babysitters Club books. I’d guess I read around 75 of these books during my pre-teen years.

2) Laurlene McDaniel

Starting in around 5th or 6th grade, I moved on to McDaniel’s “dying kid books”. In almost all of her stories the main character is dying of some horrible illness, very often cancer. There is romance of course because they’re books for pre-teen and teenage girls. Call me sick, but I loved these books. By my count on Goodreads, I read at least 20 of these books – some many times. My favorite was Time to Let Go. I always thought I’d be a pediatric oncologist, inspired by these books, but that didn’t work out.

As a mom…

3) Mo Willems

I bought an Elephant and Piggy book from Target when Christopher was about 3, and after that we were all hooked. Those books are so fun and funny! We’ve laughed out loud over and over again reading them. We now own 7 of the books, but we’ve read all 22 books thanks to the library. We’ve read and own some other Willems books as well. He is one of the best children’s authors for sure.

4) Dr. Seuss

Thanks to Jim’s aunt and uncle, we got a ton of Dr. Seuss books as hand me downs. They’re timeless and fun to read. I’ve read too many to count. We own 12, but we’ve borrowed a bunch from the library. My favorites are The Lorax and Fox in Socks.

My more current favorites…

5) Jodi Picoult

I high school I moved on to reading contemporary adult fiction – the types of books my mother was reading. Jodi Picoult quickly became a favorite in our house. I have read all 26 of her books and 2 novellas. I still can’t resist when a new book comes out, although I don’t have to read it immediately, like I used to. My favorite book of hers is Vanishing Acts.

6) Nicholas Sparks

I know. I know. His books are so cheesy, but I LOVE them. And all of the movies that are based on them. He’s another must read author that I started with in high school. I have read all 17 of his novels and his memoir about traveling with his brother. My favorites are The Notebook (of course!) and Safe Haven.

7) J.K. Rowling

Starting in college I got hooked on Harry Potter. My best friend, Laura, was an education major, and we read the first three books out loud to each other. Then I had to wait for the rest to come out one by one. By the time book 6 came out, I had my husband hooked as well. I’ve listened to the audiobooks at least 20 times each. Since then I have read The Casual Vacancy, her two Robert Galbraith books, and Very Good Lives. So that’s 11 books.

8) Ann Brashares

I loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. I read the first 4 books when I was in my 20s, and they’re just too fun. When the 5th book was published, I read it right away. I’ve also read 3 of Brashares other novels. I just need to read The Here and Now, and I’ll have read all 9 of her books.

9) Liane Moriarty

After reading What Alice Forgot last year, I completely binged and read all of Moriarty’s work. I loved 5 of her 6 novel. Only The Hypnotist’s Love Story didn’t work for me. My favorite is definitely Big Little Lies, but I also gave 5 stars to What Alice Forgot and The Husband’s Secret.

10) Rainbow Rowell

There are a lot of authors that I’ve read 4 books by, so I’m picking Rainbow Rowell for this last spot. She is hands down my favorite author right now. She writes such amazing YA and adult fiction. My two favorites are Fangirl and Attachments. I love the nerdiness of her writing. A a book nerd and IT person, her characters resonate with my big time! I have pre-ordered Carry On, and I am working on getting to NerdCon in Minneapolis in October, so I can meet Rainbow and get my book signed. I don’t usually geek out about famous people, but I make an exception for her.

What authors do you love? Whose books will you drop everything to read? I’m always on the look out for more must-read authors. Let me know who I’m missing.

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  1. I have read a couple of Jodi Piccoult a Nicholas Sparks and liked them. But Liane Moriarty and Rainbow Rowell are my favorites on your list. I have read all of Rowell's novels but I am stillmaking my way through Moriarty's. Great list!

    1. Yeah, my tastes have changed as well. I had a lot of newer authors that I've read all of their books, but just they don't have enough books out to beat out my old favorites. I wanted to include John Green, Marissa Meyer, and Kiera Cass, but I've only read 4 books by each.

  2. I looked back at my childhood for a couple authors for my Top Ten Tuesday post, too. Ann Martin is definitely one I could have put on my list! I probably should have also included Carolyn Keene, since I'm pretty sure I devoured every Nancy Drew book known to man when I was in third grade. šŸ™‚

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