Summer Reading Challenge Update

So I got an email with this in it this week…

The library sale is in September, so I thought I’d have through Labor Day weekend to finish my Summer Reading Challenge. I guess not.

I will be failing my original timeline for this challenge, but I’m not going to quit completely. I checked the library website, and there is another sale in December, which means another book drive in November. I’m just adjusting my goal.

So far I’ve read three of eight books for this challenge.

Me & Emma (3 stars)

Wildwater Walking Club (3 stars)

Windless Summer (2 stars)

My new goal is to finish one more book before this book drive on August 22nd. Then I’ll read the 4 remaining books before the next book drive in November.

Here’s hoping that one of the remaining books will earn more than 3 stars!

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