Month in Review: July

July was a rough month for me. Other than reading, I didn’t stick to any of my goals. I’m blaming it on summer. I’m going to do better in August. šŸ™‚

– I finished 11 books this month (5 audio, 6 paper, 0 Kindle).
– I finished 1 book for my Summer Reading Challenge.
– I finished my July selection and started my June selection for the 2015 Reading Challenge.
– My YA Book Club selection for July wasn’t the best, but our meeting with good as always. Our selection for August is Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone. We’ll be discussing the book on August 19th if you’d like to read along with us.

– I went to Brandon, FL for three days last week to meet with the business partners in our eCommerce office down there. It was a good trip, and it brought some clarity to the business priorities for the upcoming year.
– I am struggling a little bit with getting direction for my day to day activities, and I’m hoping I will have some better direction by the end of August or early September.

– I didn’t go to the Y at all this month. Ugh! I truly don’t know what happened. I’ve been having some pain in my foot since March, and I definitely used that as an excuse this month. I need to get back into my morning workout routine in August.
– Things also fell apart with my low carb eating habits this month. I started off with my cheat night for girls night on July 1st, and it was just down hill after that. First cheating each weekend, then completely cheating on my FL trip and after. Again, August is a new month! I need to try some new recipes. Part of my issue is that I just want to eat things that taste good. I’m sick of the same foods over and over because they’re low carb and easy. I didn’t plan any meals at all the last two weeks. We ate a lot of stuff from the freezer. Yuck!
– I took almost no steps this month. I seriously didn’t make my 10,000 step goal once after July 5th. I didn’t even come close. So bad. So bad. August!!

– We spent the 4th of July weekend up north camping on Jim’s parents’ property. It was a great weekend weather-wise, and we to go swimming off twice. So fun. Christopher had a ball with his cousins, I got some reading in, and Jim got to hang with his siblings and parents. Other than one mishap on the 4th, we had a great weekend. I even got to see the “good” parade – complete with marching band, so I was a happy camper.
– Christopher finished up baseball earlier this month, and he was very excited about his medal and trophy.
– Call me crazy, but I volunteered to coach Christopher’s soccer team this fall.
Christopher is reading! I am just so excited about this milestone.
– Jim is out in AZ this week for work, so Christopher and I drove to see my parents this weekend. It was a long 9.5 hour drive, but we survived. Perhaps I’ll post separately about that experience.

– Jim and I went on a boat cruise / pub crawl last weekend with some friends. I was psyched that two of three bars had a hard cider on tap – my fav! And the first bar had a super yummy grapefruit ale.
– We attended a Kindergarten Facebook group pool party at the house of some new friends. The kids had a blast, and Jim and I really enjoyed getting to know some other parents. We have a couple more activities coming up in August before school starts. It’s been a fun way to get ready for school this fall. Now I just need to get cracking with the paperwork and school supplies.

– Swimming, swimming, and more swimming because it’s finally hot in Milwaukee. Jim has been so happy. I’d like to go back to high 70s.
– I managed to squeeze a little weeding in one afternoon, but again. SO. HOT.

July has been a month of overindulgence motivated by poor self-care I think. This post really hit home. I want to do some serious reflection on this idea in August. June was such a good month. I need to get back there.

What have you been up to this month?

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  1. Sounds like a really great month! Awesome reading month. And I would love to do a pub crawl. It has been a while since we have gotten out to something like that. And yay for Christopher reading! I had a pretty good reading month and hope next month I can knock out a bunch of ARCs so I can focus on doing my reading challenge for this year.

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