Bookworm Problem: Everything Comes into the Library at Once

I use the library hold system A LOT. And I like to keep track of where I am in the queue, so I don’t end up with too many holds coming in at once.

But my library does something that I find weird. When the book comes back to your home library, it goes to the next person on the list from that library first instead of the next person on the list for the full county. That means that I’ll occasionally get an email saying a book has come in for me when I thought I was number 18 on the list for example because I’m the first person in New Berlin waiting for that book. It really messes with me, especially when it happens for multiple books at once.

I appreciate the library system trying to keep the cost of book transfers to a minimum, but it really messes up my reading plans when I am suddenly overloaded with books that come in before I expected them. You see…bookworm problem!

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  1. UGH I hate that. I do the ebooks audiobooks from the library on the website and I have this issue all the time!! There is a number for the whole county but your town could have its own extra and sometimes that messes up my place in line too. I think I'm #25 then I get it! I shouldn't complain but I have all these plans. The struggle is real!!

    1. It is! šŸ˜‰ I hate to return a book unread and go back in the queue, and I don't want to keep it longer because I don't want to pay a fine and I don't want the next person in line to be waiting longer.

  2. I haven't done too much with holds at the library (only if it's a book club book or a book I'm desperate to read). But I can see how this would be really annoying! Library books are only fun if they don't provide too much stress.

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