A dream come true: a weekend alone

I’ve mentioned before that I need a lot of alone time. What I have wanted for several years is a weekend alone at home. I have had a few stretches of days away from home for work or for girls’ weekends with family, but since Christopher was born, I have not had more than a few hours alone at home.

Jim gave me an IOU certificate for such a weekend as a Christmas present when Christopher was almost two, I think, but I never used it. He never really had anywhere to take Christopher. This past weekend I finally got my weekend alone! Jim and Christopher went up north in WI to visit his parents. They just recently got a camper for their property, so they were able to stay overnight without camping and without booking a hotel.

I spent 46 hours at home ALONE. It was glorious!

I read 3 books, and watched 9.5 episodes of The Fosters. I basically rotated around my house, migrating from the back deck to the couch in the playroom to the reclining chair in the sunroom to my bed, reading. And occasionally I sat on the couch in the TV room or laid in my bed watching TV.

I didn’t do any chores, except run the dishwasher. I didn’t even leave the house, other than reading on the deck. It was both weird and wonderful.

It was too long and too short. It was a weekend to remember. Thanks, Jim!!!

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  1. Oh MAN I am jealous of this weekend! It sounds so awesome. I only live with my boyfriend so you'd think it would be easier to get alone time, but he never leaves šŸ˜› I love being able to rotate between different spots, doing different things. I would definitely move between the bed (to read or watch Netflix) and the porch (to read). How is The Fosters? I've been wanting to watch and need a new show to binge!

    1. My husband is a home body too. He plays a lot of video games – often with friends online, so I get a lot of time to read or watch alone. But it's just not the same as being in the house alone. šŸ™‚

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