Writer’s Workshop: 15 Lines

I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today with the prompt:

Write a blog post in exactly 15 lines.

Here it is. (I’m counting the paragraph break as one of my lines.)

Jim and I were both shy as children. We still kind of are. So how did we end up with the most outgoing child in the world? Christopher will talk to anyone, anywhere. When we go to the playground at the park, he talks to all of the other parents. He’ll stop anyone with a dog, ask if he can pet it, and share his whole life story with them. He often convinces older children to play with him. And one time when we were at the park, I looked away for a few minutes, talking to my friend, only to look back and see him pushing a baby on a swing.

How do I explain to him that not everyone in the world wants to talk to him? How do I tell him that most grown ups don’t really care what he has to say? He’s an only child. We’ve spoiled him with our undivided attention a lot of the time. Sunday at the park I tried to take the first step, I told him that grown ups without kids probably don’t want to talk to kids. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. About 5 minutes after I said that, he was bugging a young couple with two dogs, probably on a date at the park. I finally had to drag him away while calling an apology over my shoulder. Ugh! My five year old is so self-centered. What age does that end? Does it ever end for only children? Please tell me it does. Please. Please?

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  1. I loved it when my son did this — I think mostly because I was so painfully shy and still am. I wanted him to be the opposite, to not be afraid (within reason! We taught stranger danger!) and I was fascinated with him and how friendly he was with everyone.
    He truly did make people smile and yes, he also annoyed the heck out of others (which bothered me because really, it only takes two seconds to flash a smile or wave or say hello to a child and then walk away if you wanted to).
    He's 6 now and has grown out of it mostly. He is very polite and waves and says hello but won't bust out in a full on story like he used to.
    Your child sounds like a really cool kid and reminds me a lot of my own šŸ™‚

    1. I am in awe of him as well. He's so comfortable with himself and so confident. I am like that now as an adult, but I was definitely not like that as a child. I hope he doesn't lose his friendliness and outgoing nature, but I hope he does become a little more discerning and aware of other people's interest. It sounds like your son has learned that, so you've given me hope. Thanks!

  2. Oh man, my husband and I are both shy and we definitely gave birth to the world's shyest kids. Sometimes I wish they had just an ounce of your boy's confidence!

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