We have another reader in the house!

Last week I discovered that Christopher can read! He’s been learning sight words in 4K since March when we changed daycare providers, but I hadn’t realized how many words he knew.

I don’t even remember how it happened last week. (I’ve told you my memory sucks since having Christopher.) Somehow one night at bedtime, we picked out a couple of easy books for us to read together. We started with a Level 2 Chicken Little book, and I read the majority of it. Christopher just read the obvious sight words – the, of, is, etc. Then we read a Level 1 Cars 2 book, and I only had to help with two words. He was reading even non-sight words. But I didn’t know if it was because we’d read the book a bunch of times or because he was actually reading the words, ya know?

So…what’s a book-loving mom to do? I went to the library (of course!) and picked out 10 more Level 1 books.

Have you tried finding easy readers? There doesn’t seem to be any standardization in Level 1 books. Even among the same series, some have actual sight words and easy to sound out words. Others have tons of words per page and a lot of really hard words. What the heck? I had to look through at least 40 books at the library to find 10 that I thought were actually beginner books. So annoying!

Anyway, since then Christopher has read me several other books. And he’s actually reading them! He’s doing a great job inferring the words based on the context of the story. He really only gets stumped on unnecessary words that don’t really relate to the picture – adjectives, etc, I am so proud of him! I’ve been waiting for this day for so long.

I cannot wait for Kindergarten to start in September. I think with a little more instruction, he’s going to really take off as a reader. The reading parties I’ve been envisioning in my head since he was born are finally going to happen. I cannot wait!

Huge kudos to his teachers, Miss Sheri and Miss Melanie, at Learning Edge for helping him get to this point. Thanks so much!!

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