Using objects to measure kids’ growth in pictures

We have the traditional door way where we’ve measured Christopher’s height over the last three years since we moved to New Berlin. But that’s not something we can take with us if we ever move. Pictures are a great way to capture memories and growth over time, but it helps to have something to measure against in case the dimensions are off.

As I’ve mentioned before, Christopher is named for Christopher Robin. So, of course, we decorated his nursery in classic Winnie-the-Pooh. Many people knew this and gave us themed items for our baby shower. One such gift was a very large stuffed Pooh from my friend, Elizabeth.

Thanks to the tip from my sister-in-law, Jennifer, we used this Pooh to document Christopher’s growth over his first year. Every week for the first 6 weeks, and then every month after that, we took his picture on the love seat in his bedroom with the Pooh sitting next to him. It was a great way to measure his growth in pictures over that first year.

Christopher growing up: months 1-8 & 10. 
As Christopher has gotten older, starting at 18 months, we’ve had professional pictures taken of him twice a year. We always do solo shots around his birthday in April, and then we do a family picture each November for Christmas cards. Those pictures are nice to have, but there is something fun about measuring a child’s growth against personal objects.
For the last three summers I’ve gotten a picture of Christopher riding this little tractor that Jim’s dad has at their place up north. Our nieces and nephew played with it when they were little, and now Christopher rides on it when we go up to visit.
Christopher on Grandpa Jim’s tractor: 2013, 2014, 2015.
This 4th of July he was finally able to ride it all around the property without me having to push it from behind every few feet. The ground up there is all sand, so it requires some serious leg muscles to make that thing go. 
I also try to get a family shot each year when we go camping at Peninsula State Park up in Door County, WI. There is a cute little lighthouse with an old anchor in front of it. We’ve gotten a couple of pictures of the three of us in front of that anchor. Camping there each August is a tradition I hope we continue, and I plan to keep taking pictures of our family in front of that anchor as Christopher grows older.
Do you take these types of pictures of your children? In what other ways do measure your children’s growth?

Special thanks to Grace from Rebel Mommy Book Blog for letting me know about the photo editor.

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  1. My son has the EXACT. SAME. TRACTOR!!
    Only in yellow.
    My dad found it on the side of the road. Is it cast iron? He went for a walk one day and he saw it and thought that it was antique because he's never seen one like it. The thing is super heavy. Like my son cannot (well when he was small enough to sit on it) push the pedals.
    I don't know what the original colour was.
    We didn't measure my son — I wish that we did!!! However, we do take yearly photos in the same spot for Christmas but not as a way of measuring him — but you can see how much he's grown!!
    Christopher is a handsome little guy!! It's amazing how fast they grow!!

    1. Too funny. This one is super heavy as well. My father in law got it when he bought his big tractor. Yours may be an antique. Who knows. I've never seen another one either.

      Yearly Christmas pictures are cool. I always meant to do that but after the first year we didn't manage it. I never had anyone to take the picture or when we did have company over it was too crazy, and I'd forget.

  2. That is a great way to measure the growth of kids. We used a teddy bear with our kids too. But I didn't think about using one after they were 1. Great idea using the tractor. Very cute! And Yes, your son would love Space Boy and His Dog. He is the perfect age for it!

    1. The tractor pictures were sort of accidental until this year. I don't think he'll fit after next summer, so they may end soon.

      I reserved the book from the library. Thanks for the recommendation.

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