One great thing about having a boy

Do you have young boys? Does this picture look familiar?

See those knees. Ugh. I think Christopher has one pair of pants left that do not have a hole.

My son only wears sweatpants. He has a thing about buttons. Don’t ask. We don’t get it either. But we’re accommodating, so I only buy him sweatpants and sweatshorts (is that even a word?). The problem with sweatpants is that they rip so easily, especially when the boy wearing them slides on his knees on the floor. All. The. Time.

Are you tired of throwing away pants with holes? I know I was. My solution this summer has been to just make cutoffs out of sweatpants.

Can you even tell that these are cutoffs? I barely can.

The great things is that Christopher is a boy. He doesn’t care what his clothes look like. When I made the first pair of cutoffs, he commented, “They’re perfect.” and promptly ran away.

I love my little boy!

I only wish I’d thought of this before throwing away about 8 pairs of holey pants this winter.

What mommy hacks have you discovered lately?

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  1. It works on girl pants too! Eleanor ripped through the knees of some jeggings, and I cut 'em off, and used little double-sided hem tape to turn them into shorts. She loves it. And I agree — I should've thought of this a while ago!

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