I want to go on a real vacation

I am a transplant to the Milwaukee area. My brother still lives in Buffalo, NY, where we grew up. My parents spend the summer in Western NY and the rest of the year in Florida. My sister lives near Philadelphia. In addition, we have close friends who live in Minneapolis and St. George, UT.

We travel a lot…to visit people. We hardly ever go on what I would consider a “real” vacation. And I really want to start. There are a lot of places in the world that I’d like to see.

Here’s my list of the top destinations that I’d like to go. Soon!



Of all the states I haven’t been to, Oregon is at the top of my list. It sounds beautiful and crunchy and liberal. And I just really want to go there. My husband thinks I’m nuts. I want to hike around and take in the gorgeous scenery. And visit breweries or museums in Portland.

I am working on getting this trip planned for Christopher’s fall break in October. (It’s so weird that I have to consider school days off when planning things now.) I appreciate any and all tips on things to do or where to go in Oregon.



I went to England in high school for a church mission trip. (I wasn’t always an atheist.) But we only went to Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon, not London. I feel gypped. I want to ride a double-decker tour bus and see the Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace.

It seems like a place we can easily take Christopher. He is named after a British character after all. I’m thinking next summer because J.K. Rowling has a new Harry Potter play opening then.

My sister told me there’s a Lego Land there. Any other ideas on what to do in London with a six year old?



I wanted to go on a cruise to Belize years ago after reading about cave tubing. Is there anything better than tubing down a river? Doing it through caves! I really want to check this out. Then after reading Wanderlove and learning that they speak English in Belize, I really wanted to go.

My friend, Sarah, said that she’d be interested in going because Jim is not. I need to start thinking about timing and cost of this trip. A girls week in Belize would be amazing. Have you been there? Any ideas for me?



I have been to Alaska, but Jim and Christopher have not. It is such a beautiful place, so I’d like to go again and take them. Christopher also wants to go. We had a discussion about going when he was seven and a half. I had told him about my mom and my aunt and uncle promising my sister, my cousins, and me a trip to the Grand Canyon when Emily and I were 16, and about how Emily remembered the promise years later. And then we actually went. I am hoping he remembers this promise, so we can make this trip happen.


Australia / New Zealand

I have wanted to go to Australia since my sister, our friend Lauren, and I did an extra credit report on it in elementary school. Back then it was probably because of the koalas or kangaroos or maybe The Great Barrier Reef. Now it’s more about the scenery. After seeing the Lord of the Rings movies, I’d really like to go to New Zealand. And then hit up Australia while we’re there as well. The accents help too. This trip will likely be much further into the future, but it still makes my top 5.

Do you get to go on “real” vacations? Where have you been that you recommend? Where do you want to go?

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  1. My girlfriend said the same thing — she goes to visit people but never gets to go on vacation!
    I'd love to go to London too. Just to walk around and take that bus!
    Oh and I need to go to Italy and eat. I just want to eat.
    Basically anywhere other than north America. Not that I don't love Canada or America it's just that we are the same and well….you know…family can catch me by bus and if I'm way over there they'd have to take a plane HAHAHA!!! I'm kidding I'm kidding

    1. My husband and I went on a cruise around Italy and Greece for our honeymoon, and that was amazing! The food was delicious, and the scenery and history were so beautiful and interesting. It is really nice to go places that are very different from home.

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