Book Review: Side Effects May Vary (YA)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on SEMV! This book brought out a lot of strong feelings in people. It's hard not to compare it to TFIOS, which I loved, but this was not supposed to be that at all. SEMV gave me a complicated and not always likable main character, and it made me think. It's not easy to be confronted with the idea that a-holes get cancer, too, and that their sickness doesn't always redeem them. I think we would like to believe that facing death would change a person for the better, but the reality is that it doesn't always. The fact that I didn't like Alice was the very reason I am glad that this book was published. I think that there should be more characters in YA who challenge our ideas like this.

    1. Very true. I think I might have liked it more if I found any of the supporting characters likable. The fact that I disliked all of the characters made it hard to enjoy listening to this book.

  2. I kind of like the premise for this one – living life like you only have months to live, then finding out that's not true. But it sounds like the execution was terrible. It might make me a shallow reader, but I have to have at least one character I like and am rooting for.

    Now I wish Liane Moriarty would have written this book – it sounds like a premise she could take and turn into something funny and poignant and though-provoking and really enjoyable. While still light and easy to read. I *really* need to go read another book of hers soon.

    1. Yes, Moriarty would have made this a compelling story. The premise was so good. I was so bummed that I didn't enjoy it.

      And, yes, go read more Liane Moriarty. Her books are so great!

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